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  1. color management is pretty good. learn more Go to > Help > Workspace > Panels > Swatches panel
  2. create a new layer, then go to file > import OR create a new layer, then go to view > media browser
  3. not-in-use

    NIK Plugins

    @LoBu Why don't you use Google Translator before you post?
  4. not-in-use

    NIK Plugins

    ..... :( ..... English Please
  5. not-in-use

    Digital Billboard

    Congrats Ronnie
  6. not-in-use

    VW BUS First Illustration

    cool pic, nice job!
  7. not-in-use

    Colour Panel in Effects not opening

    This was working in the Apple Store V1.1.2 . I just started having the same issue after reinstalling the same version from the Apple Store. Will download beta now. Thanks
  8. not-in-use

    Introduce Yourself

    Hello all I'm Stephen I recently purchased Designer I also started giving Affinity Photo beta a try.. I'm interested in learning vector design.