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  1. Affinity absolutely needs to allow for plugins. That's the only way to keep the application relevant at a faster pace than the Affinity developers can manage on their own.
  2. Nevermind, there's the "add current color" to palette button. I was expecting that to appear as a contextual menu item.
  3. Well, it appears you can only add colors as a swatch if an object contains that color as a fill or stroke. That means if you are investigating colors you have to create an object, assign the color, THEN create a swatch by ctrl-clicking it and selecting a menu option. It's an extra step considering the fact that you should be able to access relevant color-related features when interacting with the swatches window or color chooser. An example of why this seems odd (and inconsistent) is that you can create color chord swatches within the swatch window by ctrl-clicking a swatch color. If this feature worked like the swatch creation process it would be like this: Select an object > ctrl-click > Select fill or stroke > Select color chord creation > Swatches then appear in swatch window. THAT is a lot of steps. Creating swatches clearly should exist within the swatch window. So I found that really confusing and it's inconsistent. You create initial swatches one way. You create additional swatches another way? It's definitely a UX mistake. But yeah the software is cheap, so okay.
  4. In my opinion, the next round of updates should focus on color management. The color picker user experience is awkward. Requires multiple steps.
  5. I somehow managed to create a new color palette and rename it. Now I want to place my recent colors into it. IDEALLY I wanted to be able to select color swatches I was using and create a palette from those selections. There may be a way to do that. I don't know. However now I'm looking at a screen where my recent colors are there and I am going to assume there's a way to easily place those colors into my new, empty, palette. How is that done? Thank you in advance.
  6. As a UI element intended to offer visual organization, the layer color option in the layer menu is poor. A thin, gradient, line that sits below a layer makes it difficult to immediately differentiate if it's related to the layer above or below. It's not a strong visual cue if the intention is to quickly assess your layers by the assigned colors. The line is so thin that it's not much of a call out and it's easy to miss. There needs to be a larger, solid block of color in order for it to represent a sensible visual cue. http://d.pr/i/1eMSS
  7. I've drawn a marquee shape and I have a later that is an image. I want to cut the part of the image where I've created my marquee. How do I do this? http://sta.sh/0lg3jvukdc6 Thanks in advance.
  8. Ah yes, I didn't notice that UI area that lists value/blend mode. For some reason I was looking elsewhere. It's 20%/Luminosity. Is Affinity Designer designed to primarily be a vector based program? I couldn't tell how much of a hybrid it is.
  9. Can someone explain how this layer works? I opened up a promoted artwork so that I could analyze the content. This vector item is blue but the color suggests it is assigned a fill of orange-red. Clearly some sort of effect or process is changing the color. Where and how? I can not find it. http://sta.sh/0bba55skak Also, does Designer include any warping functions? Tools that allow me to alter perspective and angles of raster images?
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