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  1. The lightning flash drive will have its own app to allow transfers. Different brands will have their own app and I’ve only used the Leef one
  2. Export from the menu panel (top left where it looks like a page with a folded corner) then share from the bottom left and you will have choice where to save
  3. I use the Leef brand.... my experience to this point is that you can directly open a file from this flash drive right into affinity photo but you must save the file first to the iPad and then to the drive... I hope this will change in the the future to allow you to save directly to the flash drive because you get a lot of extra files floating around
  4. I have AP for iPad and windows desktop.... I am very happy with the price point and purchase.... I am on both beta programs and I appreciate how hard the developers are working to make improvements!! BUT...... I have a big problem with this forum and moderators. I have reported 4-5 problems and have submitted files for them to look at. Every time I report a problem the moderators will ask a question and then they disappear never to respond again. Still happy with the purchase though and I anticipate the bugs being worked out
  5. I click and hold to set the source but that spot will not stay in place but instead follows the Apple Pencil to the location I want to repair... I have tried all the different settings but it still happens.... I reloaded the store version and didn’t have this problem then went back to the most current beta and it still occurs.... I’m not a newbie so this is something in the current beta
  6. I’ve not seen this reported. On the latest Beta the cloning and healing brush have some erratic behavior. After the click and hold that point won’t stay in place but it follows the pen tool. I went back to the regular build and reloaded the beta with same results...
  7. thanks. got it and just downloaded it
  8. Thank you so very, very much
  9. Grrrrr... no news yet! I use the iPad version every day and I’m really looking forward to trying it with some of those improvements
  10. Thanks... I'll keep an eye out on my email
  11. I’m anxious to try it. I emailed my request 21 hours ago. How long does that usually take to process?
  12. I’m interested in the beta program but have a question. Does the beta run alongside the current version or overwrite the current version?.... I would need to backup all my affinity files I’m working on to protect them!
  13. The problem appears to be with files created with old versions of photoshop , which is what this file was..... so yes opening it in a newer version and then Affinity works
  14. Update but not a solution: i downloaded the AP windows beta and did a few edits then took it back into the iPad.... Well, for now I can save my work...... this is not a viable solution but it is just to see if it works for others
  15. Whew... third time and it loaded SFreeman_XX.afphoto