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  1. There used to be a gigantic retailer that owned the world. It couldn't be beaten. It couldn't be stopped. It ruled the retail landscape for decades. It was called Sears. Nothing lasts forever. Not even Adobe.
  2. photophart

    Haze Filter

    What you are seeing under the rotors is the violent and chaotic disruption of air molecules on the downdraft side of the rotors, essentially small compressed air lenses, similar to what you see in the heat plume of a jet engine.
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    Aside from using icc profiles for the print media you are using ( these are almost always available from the paper manufacturer), I find it beneficial to turn OFF color management by the printer. This is done in the printer management window that opens when you click properties in the print window in AP.
  4. The gaming mice from Razer work well in graphics applications. They come with an app to modify lots of things about how the things function. Been using mine for several years. Quite durable.
  5. Correct, at least on the most recent version of Windows 10. Version 1803.
  6. You might want to see this post: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/61355-possible-to-increase-number-of-open-recent-files/
  7. And Bingo! There they are! Thanks @R C-R I mostly live in AP. Still stumbling around in AD, but I'm getting there.
  8. The luminance brushes in AP are cool! Thanks. One problem. They don't appear in the brush categories in AD even though AD says they were successfully imported. Might they be hiding somewhere that I need to point AD towards? Or are they AP specific? P.S. Windows 10 machine.
  9. The registry hack in the link above contains an error. In the second part the dword in the new registry entry is not named. The first part is correct. Nevertheless, if you are on the latest version of Windows 10: version 1803, the registry change does nothing and the jump list remains at 10 items.
  10. If you are talking about the "Blue screen of Death" that happens in Windows it is pretty much always the result of a hardware problem and almost never the result of a software malfunction. Sorting out what the hardware problem might be can be vexing. As @toltec and @walt.farrell say, memory chips are a common cause, failing hard drives are also common as are nearly full hard drives. A bit more insidious are electronic failures that are intermittent and pop up when the hardware gets hot. Video cards can often be the issue and occasionally a video card driver can be the culprit. This last is probably the best place to start as installing the newest version of your video card's driver is an easy, painless fix.
  11. Umm...yes. I have completed all the exercises in the workbook and am now working though it again from start to finish to fill in the bits I missed the first time through. Kind of like reading "War and Peace" you don't get it all on the first crack.
  12. Thanks HVBD, I too have been looking for something just like what you have provided.
  13. Cool! Very nice, owenr.
  14. Wow! Perfect! I'd have never thought to use Move Tool and Deselect Layers. And setting up the colors beforehand was inspired. Many Thanks. What this macro does is create two complimentary color fill layers: Magenta/Green or Blue/Yellow or Red/Cyan with opacity set to something less than 50% One of the color pairs is set to color burn which colors the shadows and the other color is set to color dodge to color the highlights. The blend range of each color layer is then tweaked and fiddled with until I get the color grade I'm after. If you uncheck linear in the blend range and are comfortable with curves the possibilities for color manipulation are staggering. Thanks again.
  15. Yep, adding a pixel layer then filling it then changing the color does record in a macro. But I kinda wanted an actual fill layer, non-rasterized. But I guess I'll take what I can get. The rasterized layer looks like it will get me where I want to go in a recorded macro. Thanks for the help.