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  1. Indeed you can. Regards, Mark Though, strictly speaking James isn't making textures here.
  2. In Wacom tablet properties do you have mapping set to include both monitors? I'm using a Wacom Intuos on a double monitor setup with both monitors mapped to the Wacom surface as a contiguous desktop left to right and it works well. You would set the mapping to be Screen Area=Full and Tablet Area=Portion, Force proportion unchecked. Which means you probably won't be using the entire surface of the Wacom tablet but it will cover all the real estate of the monitors.
  3. Problem solved after quite a bit of fooling around. With Affinity Photo not running go to Windows explorer, C:/Users/(your user name)/AppData/Roaming/Affinity/Photo. There either delete or rename the directory named 1.0 (renaming is probably safer , I just named it 1.0 OLD). Close windows explorer. Restart Affinity Photo. Now you should be able to rearrange and resize your panels, and on my PC at least, they stay put and don't rearrange and resize themselves. A new 1.0 directory will be automatically created in the above location. Hopefully this fix will stay put. Regards
  4. In Windows 10 pro, panels that have been floated cannot be resized vertically. Problem has been there since 1.7.0. Makes it impossible to organize panels on a second monitor. Regards, Mark Edit: resizing panels vertically in Designer and Publisher work just fine. Edit 2: This problem doesn't appear in APhoto Beta In that version the vertical resizing of panels works just fine.
  5. I wasn't actually looking for a way to do this but now that I've found these great videos I'm actively looking for an image that needs some gold foil. Thanks.
  6. Screen recording of the problem. The monitors are both 4K and the recording did not capture as much of the screens as I was hoping for. Demonstrates the behavior of the layers panel as I move it to the second screen on the left, close APh and then reopen APh and the layers panel has become un-sizable vertically. Only way to get it back is to park it back the the right screen where it started, Hope this helps. AffinityPhotoLayersPanel.swf
  7. Problem arises when moving studio panels like layers to the second monitor. Any panel moved to the second monitor cannot be resized vertically but can be resized horizontally. However when APh is closed and restarted any resizing is reset to what appears to be a default of some sort. In the case of the layers panel you can only see one layer. Struck me as odd that this feature works fine in Publisher and Designer so I entered this as a feature request in the forum a few hours ago, thinking it was perhaps an oversight. Now however I'm wondering if it was by design to facilitate the workings of the new Studio Links, about the coolest thing as I've seen in a long while! In either case I'd very much like to have the movable, resizeable panels back.
  8. Being able to vertically resize studio panels on a second monitor used to work wonderfully prior to That feature is still available in Designer and Publisher which is nice. But it no longer works in Photo, at least not on a Windows 10 Pro machine. I rather liked having my two monitors arranged in a similar manner for all three apps, it gave all three apps a comfortable familiar feel. Regards Photophart
  9. Such a simple trick! Thanks a lot. Now If it would just go back to supporting my 2 monitor layout I'd have absolutely nothing to complain about for the rest of the day...except the weather.
  10. Well for starters 1.7.1 won't find macros with a .afmacros extension, only sees .afmacro extension. Renaming all the old macros with the .afmacro extension can be done and 1.7.1 sees them then but the import command doesn't import anything.
  11. I've lots of macros that I was using in 1.6 that were all destroyed in update to 1.7. Trying to replace them I find 1.7.1 won't import the old macros including the ones I've gotten from Serif. Photophart
  12. Yes I tried that too. APh works OK in single monitor configuration by using studio reset but it can no longer be used on double monitors. Frustrating,
  13. It gets worse. After using the studio reset and rearranging the panels when I close AFphoto and then restart it the layers panel is back to showing only a single layer. Is going back to a previous version feasible without destroying all the goodies I've got in APh so far? Ah...never mind, looks like all my macros have been vaporized.
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