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  1. photophart

    Affinity Photo WorkBook

    Umm...yes. I have completed all the exercises in the workbook and am now working though it again from start to finish to fill in the bits I missed the first time through. Kind of like reading "War and Peace" you don't get it all on the first crack.
  2. photophart

    Is there arrows in affinity

    Thanks HVBD, I too have been looking for something just like what you have provided.
  3. photophart

    Tab Stops -> Steam Ears

    Cool! Very nice, owenr.
  4. photophart

    AP macro won't record set fill

    Wow! Perfect! I'd have never thought to use Move Tool and Deselect Layers. And setting up the colors beforehand was inspired. Many Thanks. What this macro does is create two complimentary color fill layers: Magenta/Green or Blue/Yellow or Red/Cyan with opacity set to something less than 50% One of the color pairs is set to color burn which colors the shadows and the other color is set to color dodge to color the highlights. The blend range of each color layer is then tweaked and fiddled with until I get the color grade I'm after. If you uncheck linear in the blend range and are comfortable with curves the possibilities for color manipulation are staggering. Thanks again.
  5. photophart

    AP macro won't record set fill

    Yep, adding a pixel layer then filling it then changing the color does record in a macro. But I kinda wanted an actual fill layer, non-rasterized. But I guess I'll take what I can get. The rasterized layer looks like it will get me where I want to go in a recorded macro. Thanks for the help.
  6. photophart

    AP macro won't record set fill

    Trying it now... Seemed to work first time through for 1 layer. But I'm playing with some color grading where I use two opposing layers that are different colors. When I record adding the second layer it dies on the change color with the same error about not being able to "set fill".
  7. I'm recording a macro in AP windows to create a new fill layer and change the fill color. Macro recorder dies when I change the fill color. Error is "can't record set fill". Anybody know a way around this?
  8. photophart

    Affinity photo or luminar?

    Frankly, there's no comparison. I have them both and Affinity is light-years ahead of luminar in every aspect you could name.
  9. photophart

    Clipping texture

    Just an FYI, I was working though the Affinity Photo Workbook and was having trouble getting texture applied to text in the "Search The Woods" section of chapter 4. This topic explains the technique and its subtleties perfectly. Thanks.