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  1. Hi, Two things which are from the photoshop days; 1. The ability to select a few layers and CTRL+E to merge those layers 2. The ability to right click a layer and have the option to create a selection of that layer. These are two commands in PS which I used regularly and would help speed up the workflow dramatically. Thanks, N
  2. Hi I've been photographing and processing textures for 3d rendering. Affinity Photo does a great job in making them tilable however, there is one particular issue which I encountered and had to use the Equalize tool in Substance Alchemist to fix it. The attached images show the texture before and after using Equalizer - is this something that can be done with AF? I appreciate it can be done with selections and adjustment layers however, I'm doing 20 or 30 at a time so, I'm hopeful for a more automatic solution. Thanks, N
  3. Hi I usually work in RGB but have to change to CMYK for print - this has been changed in File, Documents Setup. In Photoshop, it's possible to see the document name, colour space, bit depth and viewing colour space - is this possible in A-Designer? When I changed from RGB to CMYK, nothing changed visually - it's possible to colours didn't change but I just want to be sure I am viewing the CMYK colours. Thanks for your help, N
  4. Hi Is it possible to make the procedural texture tilable? Thanks, N
  5. Hi Is it possible to link files to AP similar to smart objects in PS? When I render multiple passes for an arch vis image, they are loaded into AP to comp however, there are usually a number of updates to the renders. So, instead of recreating the AP file from scratch each time, it would be good if I could link the files so they update. If anyone knows if this is possible, it would be appreciated. Thanks N
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