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  1. When I right click a file in Finder and choose 'Open with...' and select any of the Affinity apps, and that app is already running in full screen, or had been previously, it opens OK but the app continues running in the background, so it appears that nothing has happened. I would expect the computer to switch to the app, as it does with other programs.
  2. Apologies if this has already been mentioned elsewhere but I regularly lay out Tables containing a company logo in each cell. Is this functionality available? At present I use Pages and export as a pdf. Is there another way of achieving the same effect that I have missed? Thanks for all the fantastic effort going into making this product. I have now deleted Photoshop and Illustrator from my Mac and use Affinity Photo and Designer exclusively. I look forward to doing the same with InDesign!
  3. jkfrench

    Table Contextual Menu Missing Items

    Hi Rjevela82, Thanks for your reply. Please would you post a screen grab of the contextual menu with the Delete Row(s) and Delete Column(s) showing? I have just installed on my other Mac and it shows the same bug. What OS are you running? How did you invoke the contextual menu? Right-click or clicking the triangle by the column/row heading? Thanks, James
  4. jkfrench

    Table Contextual Menu Missing Items

    I'm on Mac and neither system works. The only way is via the menu bar/Table.
  5. If you select several rows or columns in a table, there are commands in the Table menu for 'Delete Rows(s)' and Delete Column(s)' but they do not appear in the contextual menu.
  6. jkfrench

    Resizing exports

    Thank you!
  7. jkfrench

    Resizing exports

    Hi Chris B, Thanks for your prompt reply. I have been experimenting and I think the problem lies with 'committing' the box or boxes that you enter the required dimensions in. Try this: Open a new document and note its size. Choose 'Export', select 'JPEG', double click the left hand size box, leaving the padlock locked to maintain the proportions and enter a new figure. Don't click enter or or enter an amount anywhere else. You can, if you wish, choose a different 'resample' method. Then click export. The file that is created is the same size as the original. However, if you 'commit' the size box, it works as expected. I think standard Mac behaviour would automatically 'commit' any boxes when you click the 'Export' button. Sorry I hadn't noticed this subtle difference before posting my original message.
  8. jkfrench

    Resizing exports

    Apologies if this has already been posted before... When I try to export as a jpeg, there is a resizing option available in the export window. However, when I try to use it, the original size file is exported, ignoring my settings. Of course, there is an easy workaround – just resize before exporting – but why is the option there, if it doesn't work? Or am I misunderstanding something? Thanks!
  9. I just imported a pdf created in Pages. It looked fine on screen. I tried to export it as a GIF for use on my website. The default dimensions were massive and the programme appeared to freeze, saying 'calculating' in the file size dialog. Finally it crashed out completely.