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    popgunpirates got a reaction from Fixx in Halftone Color Seperation   
    It would be great to be able to make halftone color separations in Affinity Photo (or Designer, for that matter) for screenprinting. I just don't seem to be able to do it with A.P. :-(
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    popgunpirates reacted to Sullyman in Affinity Photo - Color Separation   
    Honestly, I was able to separate like I normally would with a little bit getting to know Affinity Photo (and can do it in Designer as well). The only thing missing for me is being able to halftone like in Photoshop and exporting in Bitmap (BMP) format.
    It's completely possible and honestly better in my opinion to separate in layers to avoid channel sep color shifting in the example of using CMYK to grab plates. 
    I would like to see halftone abilities like that of Photoshop in the near future, otherwise being able to control the angles and dot size of our manual Ripping is out the window.