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  1. Reptorian

    Introduce Yourself

    I forgot to introduce myself, but I want to say that I am loving Designer so far. I am now a current user of Krita for everything, and I'm looking forward to use Affinity Photo or even combining two programs into my workflow to get something better than Photoshop at a lower price. Right now, I am combining Inkscape and Designer, and loving it.
  2. I am trying to transfer my Inkscape file into Affinity Designer, but I have a problem here. I would like to clone a layer/group, and then use it as a mask. The content of the group are raster images. If I try to mask to below, nothing happens. They aren't masked on my end. Right now, I am using Krita to add transparency mask on images and exporting it instead of using masks within Affinity designer.
  3. Reptorian

    Bitmap Trace

    There was a tutorial where someone used Illustrator and Inkscape to trace bitmap, and in most cases Inkscape turned to have better results. I guess a improvement to Inkscape Potrace and porting it to Designer would be the best Designer will have unless there is a newer algorithm I haven't heard about.
  4. Reptorian

    "Symbol" functionality in AP

    I third this. I was thinking on the line of Krita clone layer, but those you mention would be nice. Instances of anything anywhere would be perfect with the option to apply filter mask.
  5. Reptorian

    Linux. Seriously now.

    And that is where we strongly disagree. I view GIMP and Krita as all around tools because they both have tools critical to image-editing and content creation. Even Photoshop and Affinity Photo fall under all-around tools. I have repaired damaged photographs, extracted people even with fuzzy hairs with no fringe, removed objects, and so on all with Krita, and they are not hard to do with Krita. Some people find those things are harder in GIMP like myself. You can even get content aware fill using gmic in paint. Krita is missing out on some filters, and they are critical to matte painters, and concept artists. Krita already have clone with healing option, smudge without color rate, filter brush, filter mask and brush, gmic and so on. Krita and GIMP have garbage tier selection tools. This site does not seem mobile friendly. Trying to post this.
  6. I'm going to be a former Krita user as Affinity Photo seem more right up my alley and Affinity Photo actually fits my need, but something that I would love to see is instanced layers that works exactly like Krita instanced layers. Krita instanced layer is extremely powerful, and you can do automated editing in Krita with their instanced layer feature. Does Affinity Photo has Destination In Blending Mode, and vector layer like in Krita? I'm not saying Krita is better by the way because Affinity Photo is way ahead of any open source raster programs, but those things in Affinity Photo would really be nice to see.
  7. Reptorian

    Linux. Seriously now.

    I would love to have Affinity Photo, and Designer for Linux. Unfortunately, I am stuck with Windows with the other programs I need to use. Also, GIMP? That program is pretty bad, and their new release does not convince me to use their program. Krita+GIMP is the closest one can get to Affinity Photo, but you still have lots of limitations, and Krita sadly are going into the path of irrelevance the longer they prefer to focus on irrelevant things like watercolor brushes when their program has serious potential to be competitor to Affinity Photo and Photoshop (all the bases are covered in Krita).

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