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  1. Perhaps someone has the time to construct some rulers in AD that can be used to bridge the time until we get the feature. ;)
  2. Søren, professionals don’t really use PNG (usually for screens) for print production. If your logo is vectorial (what it should), please don’t export it as PNG, JPEG, … For most logos (high contrasts) 300 dpi is not enough! Will it be screen printed? (Do you use AD and/or AP for exporting?)
  3. Hi, there are not really raster graphics formats that know centimetres. But have a look into “Document Setup…“. HTH BTW: Why centimetres?
  4. Depends on the raster. If you have high contrast pictures you even need more pixels (>400dpi @ 100%). kindergarten … no, you are kidding!
  5. Klasse, schön plakativ. Macht Lust auf eine Mords-Story. Super, mal keine Futura und keine Helvetica. Ist es eine Impact? Warum fehlt denn der Trennstrich? Die Ausrichtung der Titel-Zeilen ist sehr subtil. Noch besser: etwas weniger Sperrung und P—F mehr unterschnitten. Genau.
  6. Great! We don’t know if you make something wrong (we do not think so) but the first pictures did not show the quality of AP. Of course that new picture is much better in comparison. :) But it does not explain why timur and the teacher (think they) get bad results. We don’t know details of their workflow and the pictures, so we only can tell them: No, we never ever had bad results! We trust in Serif and hope Serif will tell us with pictures why timur and accendare thought they got bad results.
  7. No, not angry! You showed bad pictures @ 100% that do not show the great results that you normally achieve with AP. That damages the image of the software. Here is the comparison: “The image you are showing me as mine bares no resemblance to what Im seeing on my screen. It's seems as though you are zoomed in.” No! Rubbish! Everything @ 100%, normal export with AP.
  8. I have two eyes! Questions do not answer the question why you get worser results. Why? I only have two possible explications.
  9. But why do you get those results? I get much better results in AP. About 4 times better! Have you done it in AP? There must be a big fault … upper your, lower mine with AP This is not funny! What have you done? Please tell us that you are working for Adobe. ;)
  10. Thanks! Sorry, they do not answer the question. What do those new examples demonstrate? I get much better results. About 4 times better! Have you done it in AP? There must be a big fault … if you have done the right steps then we would think that different hardware result in different results.
  11. The green text line (not the path) that represents the big letter and that is to be exported does not change its length when changing the path. It is swimming like a rope on the path/water. You can centre align all together with one click or change the length by changing the tab stop. Just export the single strikethrough as EPS, reopen the EPS and then get the specs of the sewing thingy. HTH If you import the three strikethroughs into a CAD or a better design app you can see that they all have the same length because the tab stop was the same.
  12. This is not a normal photo and it is not resharpened and cannot explain his “loss of quality” and “degraded so bad” and the issues of accendare, right?
  13. Ah, you have an exact working wheel ruler? Much better in the analog world: She should do her letter design with n ropes that are exactly x cm long.
  14. The green text lines (20 inches) are what have to be discussed. They do not change their length. Do you see them change? When the green text lines go to the right, only the path is enlarged virtually, not the green text lines.
  15. Because sketches are not accurate and paper cannot calculate the length and say: stop the line, we have x cm now. Sorry, if we misunderstood that.
  16. Not clear why R C-R harbours doubts. Just measure the text paths (manually, by CAD app, …). Even if Jillybelly28 want to fly to the mars, AD is accurate enough. Alex: Das Beispiel mit 15 Metern klappt wie erwartet ganz exakt (ADs Pi ist wohl sehr genau): Einfach einen Tab bei 15 m setzen und einen Kreis mit 15/pi m Durchmesser erstellen: R C-R ist sehr skeptisch, oder? Aber besser als ungenau. PS: AD kann einen 1000-Meter-Tabulator setzen; der passt aber leider nicht auf die Zeichenfläche! :)
  17. Cannot believe that horrible quality. AP makes a great job. Never had such an issue. The workflow is not the same in PS, so perhaps you missed a step in AP. Please upload the image (or just a little stripe) and we can show you how to get the quality you need.
  18. Very easy, don’t know why it was not explained in detail. :( Just use vectorial masks (instead of pixel based). Just for a quick test: Delete your raw pixel based masks and export a pdf … :) Just ask if you need more information.
  19. Think, you only have to resharpen the small picture. But without knowing the picture it is difficult to know what you mean by “loss of quality” and “degraded so bad”. (Yes, you have been totally misinformed. In most cases you lose sharpness, information etc.)
  20. Jillybelly28, it is so easy: [x cm is the desired length of each letter] After creating a text on path (made in seconds: dash+one tab stop "at” x cm+dash, the path [just two or more nodes] length can be 0.001 mm or 1000 m), duplicate it (n-1 times for n letters), change the paths to the form of the desired letters (with the node tool, add or delete nodes). Ready! The length of the underlined (better: “strikethrough”) text will remain x cm. Numbers like above are not needed. Of course you could start with creating the letter forms, but this is the slow way in this design app. Nothing in real typography works automatically because no software has the ability to design (a font) automatically. No well designed font or long text has letters that have the same path length. If you only have MMM or lll, no problem.
  21. Doesn't solve the OP problem? … Why have we mobilized the army? ;) :( ;) As we see in the animation, there is no need to set the path to a specific length "B” if you just copy the amount of tab stops (from TextEdit) you want or if you use just one tab stop @ "B”. If modified, the length remains constantly “B”. This is the mentioned physics engine of AD! :)
  22. Or with a ruler brush. Or with text “0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 B 1 2 ∞” on path … ;) which is really inaccurate even with a monospaced font.
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