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  1. Nice collection! Thanks!
  2. The styles are very nice! Just a little notice: Styles 20 and 21 have minor issues with the transparency - but that does not matter to me at all, I'm using them mostly on black backgrounds. Thanks for the great job!
  3. Very nice! Specially that the smoke / fog brush does not have a hard edge that one could see! Nice work!!!!!
  4. Hello everyone, i'm another new one in the Affinity forums. I love working with Affinity Photo, even though some workflows could be optimized a little more. My suggestion / request is that a combination of developing a HDR and creating a panorama could save a lot of time. When stiching a panorama of 30+ images, which themselves consist of each 3-4 images, it takes a lot of time to develop them as HDR an then stiching them together (don't think about changing something later ) A first advance to this problem would be to create a batch processing option for HDRs (which is not possible right now - as discussed here: I'm sorry if i'm bothering older members but i haven't found a recent topic dealing with this issue. Still there needs to be a big thanks to the Affinity team, who made a lot of crazy stuff possible up until now!
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