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  1. It seems as though there are use cases for both types of users, those of us who need it the same setting always and would be better served by a preferences check box, and those such as the user above for whom the current implementation works better. Like those of us who love a good marshmelllow, and those who can't stand it. In my case, this is a tremendous timesuck and source of frustrating errors, and just like a spongy, tasteless marshmellow, I can't stand it. Could not a feature be implemented that allows one to have it set always for some of us, and on a case by case basis for the others? This seems as though it would accommodate all of us and serve the user base as a whole better, contribute to global peace and understanding, and make the world just an eensy bit better place to live.
  2. Hi all, I thought I saw in the release notes for Affinity Designer that the bug where the eyedropper tool doesn't work if you use a stylus (only works with mouse) had been fixed. However, I am still having this issue; can't sample and apply color with the stylus. I'm on a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 running WIndows 10. Is this in the works to be fixed? Thanks, Erica
  3. Thanks!! it's working now for me -- I believe the 1.7 update may have fixed the Surface stylus issues...?
  4. Oh...that is disappointing. But neither do I have the ¨Reset Fonts¨ option, although possibly not a fix, available to me....?
  5. Hi guys, thanks for the answers....yes Alfred, I have a problem with fonts updating. I'm running Affinity Designer (which I believe is the latest?) on Windows 10. If I open Affinity Designer 1st and my font manager afterwards (Fontbase) the fonts do not update...which is why I was searching around (even in very old threads) related to this issue. My Preferences>Miscellaneous menu is missing the Reset Fonts option which RCR says may not be the answer anyway; ideally I would not have to manually do anything; they would just update automatically. I do get the "updating Font Cache" notification, but my fonts in my file stay in whatever the generic font is that AD substitutes when it can't find the font. Any thoughts why fonts are not updating for me? Thanks in advance.... Erica
  6. Erica

    Move tool keeps transforming

    Also an issue for me and slows down my workflow. Affinity, could this be added as an issue to somehow fix?
  7. This option does not exist...? And this contradicts another thread answered by MEB that this option doesn't exist...? If it doesn't exist, it seems to be a very badly needed addition.
  8. Hi, One feature that I use constantly in other software is the ability to rotate part of an object. Say for example I have a character with his arm at his side and I want to show him pointing at something. In Illustrator, I select only the part of his body that is his arm and I rotate it upward and adjust the points in the shoulder as needed. This is an example where perhaps one could construct the arm separately to get around this, but this is only one example, the ability to rotate part of an object is necessary in many circumstances where the object can not be built in separate pieces as a workaround. Is there any way to do this, and if not, could it be added as a feature request? Thanks, Erica
  9. Hi, The ability to add a new layer below the current layer has been requested by many users, but it is not in the roadmap. The use of Affinity's products depends on being able to work fast and whether they have time-saving shortcuts and features; if it's faster to work in other software, then people will move to other software programs. Could this request by multiple users be included in the roadmap? Thanks.
  10. I downloaded Affinity Designer Build 135 as supposedly this had been fixed. It has not. The color picker works as intended with the mouse, but still does not work with the pen on the Surface Pro.
  11. Hi, Is there a keyboard shortcut to create a sublayer in Affinity Designer? I find it necessary to nest layers in order to keep them organized and I find it's a lot of unnecessary time to have to go over to the layers panel and drag a layer within another layer. At first I tried grouping layers, as there is a keyboard shortcut for that, but its tremendously hard to select lines within groups layers in this program. So, is there a fast efficient way to create sublayers to organize layers? Thanks, Erica
  12. Thank you Toltec. That was brilliant. Working in Outline view was a good tip; it is indeed easier and I was able to locate where to fill in the shortcut for Insert Inside (although it would be great if I could see all the keyboard shortcuts listed in one list or if it were searcheable.) Thanks tons.
  13. Thank you. For some reason I am finding it harder to select and manipulate lines within groups than I do within Adobe Illustrator, but maybe that's just because I am a newbie...not sure.
  14. Hi, Is it possible to continue a previously drawn vector brush curve in Affinity Designer? If I start a curve using the vector brush tool and lift my pen off my screen, and later want to continue the same curve, I am unable to do so. I know that with the Pen tool you can Cntrl click the curve to continue it, but this appears not to work with the vector brush. How does one do this? Thanks in advance!
  15. I am familiar with Bezier curves and how to edit them; this doesn't apply. I am asking about how to pick up and continue a previously drawn line with the vector brush tool.
  16. Hi, I'm confused about why a curve shows to different line widths depending which tool is selected. I am using a custom vector brush, whose width I have set to a 100px. If I switch to the node tool or move tool, the width of the stroke changes to 24px. Why don't all tools display the same width for the same curve? I can imagine this would get confusing when deciding to edit the width of an existing stroke -- not sure whether to edit it in the vector brush properties menu or the context menu for node or move tool...? Why would the same stroke show having different widths, depending on which tool you are in? Any helpful explanation would be much appreciated, as well as where one should change the width so as not to have problems or for easiest/best workflow. Thanks, Erica
  17. Hi, I just downloaded Affinity Designer version and now every time i draw a new brush or pencil stroke the previous one disappears. I'm a newbie, and it's possible there is a setting I had clicked in the old version that I don't remember having adjusted. Any tips? I can't draw anything. Thanks, Erica
  18. Hi all, thank you for your time and suggestions. I figured out it probably has to do with my high-res display on my New Surface Pro. I can see the strokes only if I work at 150% or 200%, and only if I have the view set to Pixel, Hi-Res. This seems to be the only workaround but I'm not sure if having to work with those parameters set as such will be prove to be a problem...?? Thanks, Erica
  19. Hi all, When I draw in Affinity Designer with the pencil or brush tool, the previous stroke made disappears instead of remaining on screen -- actually even the one I am drawing disappears several nodes along. I am on a Surface Pro 4, using version, which I installed today. After a lot of experimentation, I found that if I change the view mode to Pixels - Retina, AND I increase the view to 150%, then I can see the line work I've done. So, am I unable to work at 100% on my Surface Pro? Will it be a problem to always have to use "Pixels - Retina" Mode instead of Vector or Outline? Thanks, Erica