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  1. Thanks -- that's what I usually do and it usually works. As a test, I used the lasso tool to draw a circle on the picture. I then did Cmd-C and Cmd-V which previously would had picked up and pasted only the selection. In this case though, I got the whole picture again. File > New from Clipboard also gives me the whole picture. As mentioned, it is probably something infuriatingly simple ...
  2. Hello, I feel daft asking this but it is driving me crazy. Basically I want to select part of a picture to cut and paste it elsewhere, ideally on to its own layer. I have made selections with both the brush tool and the lasso but for some reason the selection floats above the picture. If I cut and paste the selection isn't "selected" but I get the whole picture again. In the attached screen snap I want to cut out the raised beds, add a greenhouse and paste the raised beds in front of the greenhouse. All I am getting is the complete picture again. This is probably something embarrassingly simple!
  3. Hi, Mine is a tale of woe with a new Mac. It has now had its logic board replaced but when I turned it on I got a "Your Mac has run into a problem" message with a dump report. In the logs there were three reports all from the same time. Two were "proactive event trackers" but the third related to Affinity Publisher. I didn't think Publisher was running at the time. The code is below. Does it mean anything to anyone, please? Regards W —- crash-103018.txt
  4. My thanks to OldBruce, JM, FDE, William and Joachim, I am indeed a fella but you are right to check: today at work I’ve edited copy about a bloke called Karen and a woman called Laurence. And I won’t mention the chap (well, I will, actually) who sidled up to my desk and introduced himself: “I’m the new guy in tech. My name’s Artu.” And I immediately said “And your surname is …” and broke into a fit of giggles. I can’t even see the domed bins in the office kitchenette without cracking up afresh. Anyway, that’s by the by. I am indeed using a Mac (a veritable antique, a 10-year-old iMac bought last time I was made redundant). As for the work, a friend has sent me an .indd file to see if I can replicate a project, so I guess I’ll be best off trying Scribus just for the one job. I’ll let you know how I get on or whether I burst out crying and try to rebuild the book in APublisher. Thanks for your help and hope to bump into you all again. Will
  5. Hi, my personal circumstances have changed drastically and I am probably going to have to freelance from home. I already own Photo and Designer so it would be logical to buy Publisher. Is there a date for launch yet, please? And will the app be able to open .indd files? Best wishes W
  6. Brilliant. Thank you very much. Sorry to take so long to get back -- I had to go out urgently. Best wishes, Will
  7. Hi, I'm floundering here. I've watched the masking videos but I must be missing the answer. I have created text, applied a background using Place, reduced opacity so I can see the background through the text ... but I now want to get rid of the non text background to leave myself with lettering on a transparent background. I can't find a video that deals with this. Guidance welcome.
  8. This is confusing. If you're stumped see the easy way to do this at https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/tutorials/publisher/desktop/video/286544585/
  9. The simple answer (Mac) is View > Show Tools.
  10. Evening all, I have looked at the videos on cropping, sizing, etc, but I still don't find it as easy as Photoshop. In fact I've just sized three pix for the web and they've ended up as (roughly) 1 x 9s instead of (roughly) 4 x 3s. I need an absolute pixel dimension so I did this: Clicked the crop tool, set the size in pixels to get a proportion, held shift and drawn out the selection across the part of the pic, then clicked apply. I then went to Export > Jpeg, entered the same size, checked the output is correct, and clicked export. Logic would seem to say that two goes with the correct size would give me the right size pix. Sadly not. What am i doing wrong? Best wishes, Will
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