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  1. Thanks Chris. It also just occurred to me that once Apple releases their iOS "file system", this will become less critical as I can always do a manual transfer from there (not the best solution, but at least a work-around). It is very important, however, as I need to get edited images back to hard drives with all layers retained both for archiving and for desktop editing in PS (I have a batch of actions that I use very frequently).
  2. Hmmm... I'm not convinced. Note that the save failed both for DropBox and OneDrive. Furthermore, I have uploaded and synced TIFF's and PSD's way over 100mb and with multiple layers to both services without any problems.
  3. I suspected you were already on it, but wanted to contribute whatever information I could. I hope an update that resolves this issue is available soon as this problem is slowing down my workflow so much that I had to quit using it... which is somewhat disheartening as I otherwise love the app.
  4. When trying to save documents with Layers to Cloud Servers (OneDrive or DropBox), Photo returns an error message and fails to save the document. This is a consistent behavior and is applicable to both TIFF and PSD files. I am not sure if it is because of the layer preservation or the resulting large file sizes (300-700 Mb). Both of the services support files much larger than this, and I have uploaded and synced files as large as 2 GB. Running Photo ver on a 2017 iPad Pro with the latest update of iOS 11 and 460 Gb available memory.
  5. I am experiencing frequent crashing to the point where I have to save (by exiting the photo) after nearly every edit. I have not been able to find any specific cause--it almost always happens when I am using a brush (clone, in-painting), using a brush to edit a mask attached to an adjustment or pixel layer, or when I apply a filter. The number of layers doesn't appear to matter--it has happened on images with 2-10 layers. Very unpredictable and very frequent. I am using Affinity Photo 16.3.43 on a 2017 iPad Pro, 460GB free memory, iOS 11 (both auto updated). This happens with both
  6. These requests are to improve workflow. I tend to export using the same specs (type, dimensions, quality, etc) and to the same location 80% of the time. It would be nice if I could create either: A custom default of the export dialog and location, OR Be able to create multiple export presets (or scenes or scenarios or whatever you want to call them), OR Have the option to Export same as previous (using most recently used settings) Also, in the Locations dialog, why does it always default to iCloud? And in manage locations, why can't I move one of the other locations above iCloud (which
  7. From the Export screen, I am unable to change the dimension unit of measure from pixel to anything else (pt, inch, etc). In the calculator-style entry dialog, I select the desired unit, but Affinity Photo appears to ignore it when I close the dialog. Using 2017 iPad Pro with v
  8. Affinity already provides this function. From the Document menu select Export then, at the lower left of the Export screen, click "Share". This opens the standard iOS dialog to share via Mail, Message, Facebook, etc, as well as to Save the image to your photos.
  9. Adding my request for seeing the brush edge (and preferably feather range) while using in all tools (brush, clone stamp, eraser, etc). Absolutely needed to do fine work.
  10. Completely agree. Although after a week of use I love Affinity Pro, not having the an option key or gesture really slows down my workflow when retouching. It should also work to temporarily invert the selection mode (add or subtract) when in the Selection persona.
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