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  1. See video below. It would be nice to have distance indicator move to the side or be above the handle. Screen Recording 2019-08-18 at 10.09.25 PM.mov
  2. I have ditched InDesign for a few projects, and I am using APub already. I'm only having issues with south-east asian languages like Cambodian, where subscripts and character joining won't work. for example ខ្ញុំ will shop up like New update hasn't solved the issue for me. I look forward to having these issues resolved.
  3. Thank you. I eagerly look forward to this update.
  4. iamtirado

    Khmer script rendering incorrectly in AP/AD

    I also need to be able to use Khmer in Affinity Publisher. I hope this gets resolved soon.
  5. it just seems like Cambodian text overall does not work. vowels and subscripts behave differently that in latin based languages. It also won't merge consonants and vowels: This: កោ Shows up as:
  6. I am typing in Cambodian, and the subscript letters don't work. I typed the following: ក្ដិ and it shows up as below:
  7. Not sure why the paths create negative spaces when overlapping. It would be great if that didn't happen. See image: https://cl.ly/1q260S2b121Z