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  1. nmeunier

    So pissed of ....

    What did you call « a big price »??? Have you seen the pricetag of PHotoshop CC???
  2. I try to remove the need of Lightroom on desktop in my photo workflow. In Affinity Photo iPad, I would like to generate a 2048 pixel wide pictures with my PNG signature in always the same position. I have generate a PNG of 2048 pixel wide with my signature and I Have converted my picture in 2048 pixel Wide... so it should be very easy to place the signature on the pictures BUT when I place the signature... the size change, it’s VERY VERY big and I must adjust manually... so by by the perfect placement... ...can you by default place the picture withour changinf it’s size???? ...can you allow us to place a picture and change it’s size with numerical input and not finger touchs???
  3. With IOS11 Public Beta, the only visible cloud is iCloud in export or save as, no more the other ones I have. ...and when I click on iCloud, I have a black screen forever... I can import file from every cloud. So now I have pictures trapped in the iPad. The Share button makes the app crash. I'm on iPad Pro 12.9 v2 with affinity 16.2
  4. I miss sometimes my keyboard with CTRL or ALT key... and on my PC I have a Gear Palette. One thing coud be cool : to use a Bluetooth Keyboard to have some shortcuts and maybe later, via the Camera Lighting adapter to be able to use something like the gear Palette. Wacom make a little Bluetooth accessories for the Cintiq.
  5. nmeunier

    Graphic problem, when painting

    I think you are right, and because my brush are very big, the tile is very big, and the rendering maybe too slow.
  6. On my iPad Pro generation 2, I retouch my Nikon D810 RAW file in 16bits we a lot of layer wihtout a problem... so I don't understand your statement. By default, there is a samll delay between autosave... and autosave slow down the iPad. By default, the undo capacity is VERY deep, which makes the file very large too. By modifying this to some more normal values, Affinity Photo is very responsive with my 36Mp 16bits pictures.
  7. When I use BIG brush (like 1000 pixels wide or more) and zoom and dezoom a lot... I have graphic artefact when painting, like big rectangles. They are not in the final image, they appear only during the use of the pencil, but it's very annoying.
  8. nmeunier

    Affinity Photo ipad questions

    1 : I have an iPad Air 2 and a iPad Pro 12.9 2017... and it's VERY different. If you want to correct small images OK, but I retouch 36MP pictures in 16bits... and that is VERY slow on the iPad Air 2. 2 : no, but I can begin to retouch on the iPad and finish on the PC. 3 : I havent triedd yet, but it seems OK for me. 4, : dont know 5 : You can export via the "share button" on the iPAd, and so share with everything you want. But you can not export directly in the desktop app... you have to save a copy to store in a folder... and then open it in the desktop app
  9. nmeunier

    Liquid persona a bit odd

    I have a problem : the control allow only a tool of 1024pixels wide... and I use 36MP pictures ans 1024 is not sufficent. In addition, the tools is confusing with some 90° mouvement when using the push tools... in another world, I must try and cancel a lot before having something... not so bad.

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