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  1. Bertie

    Bugs in update AD for iPad

    Zooming in and out seems to be glitchy. When I lift my two fingers off after zooming I get momentary screen flashes before the redraw completes. I don’t remember seeing that in the previous version. IPad Pro 9.5.
  2. Bertie

    No snapping to grid

    I think I’ve got a similar issue on iPad Designer. When I use isometric grid and anchor a point to the grid the point gets close but not spot on. What is also weird is that when I zoom in closer and closer the error to the grid changes. It looks more like the isometric or triangular grids Themselves are not being drawn precisely at different zoom levels.
  3. I have version 1.6.2 When I use my Apple Pencil to push pixels they move at 90 degrees to the direction I'm pushing. Seems very odd way to implement the feature. Is this a bug? Thanks
  4. Great product. One thing that drives me nuts though that if I have healing brush selected and switch to the selection persona to modify the selection when I go back, the brush has reset to the clone brush. Switching from draw to select is such a common workflow I think this must be an annoying thing for many.