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  1. This is, probably, too much to ask for a program, that's 90% there. Painting is vastly different from photo manipulation. Combining both in one program is great, but while one paints, he doesn't usually need other non-related features and tools, But he needs all of the necessary tools right there, literally at the left finger tip. With this in mind, it'd be good to have a "painting persona" added to the top personas. Things nice to have in the toolbox (left menu): Marquee tool to move, re-size, rotate distort (drag corner anchors) Selection tools (I know, we have a whole sophisticated selection persona, but there needs to be some way to select a part of an image right there): rectangle, lasso quick selection brush magic wand Paint brushes: opaque (oil) transparent (watercolor) Retouch brushes dodge burn sponge (saturate/desaturate) blur sharpen Liquify brush (could be few) Eraser (+ erase to history) Show/hide mixing palette Show/hide reference image (see how ArtRage does it) Fav. brushes (your saved custom brushes). Choosing one automatically switch to the brush type it was assigned to (dodge for example). More - expose other custom brushes by moving all tools up. Bottom controls (sliders and switches). They have to be available without extra clicking and going to a submenus. This is like asking an artist to go to another room to pick another brush from the box every time he needs one. There is enough room horizontally. Brush size Brush opacity Flow Brush hardness Wet paint on/off Finger rejection on/off (optional, can be part of preferences) Show 100% Hide/show controls (full screen) This would make your app a dream for artists too, not just photographers!
  2. Anybody figured out how to use it with AP? In "Files" I can't create a new folder In AP I can't export to a custom of AP's own folder because it doesn't exist When I export to a different folder, in my case, ArtStudio iOS, it says "file doesn't exist". And the entire folder simply disappear from the on iPad directory When it doesn't disappear and I click on it, it opens an app associated with the app. So it doesn't open. AP still doesn't have a simple "Save as" feature. Outstanding job, Apple!
  3. One out of 2 times the app is crashing on opening a photo from the Photos. iPad Pro 2016.
  4. Tried to save more space on my iPad, moved all AP master files to Google drive. Can't bring them back to the program. Import shows only .psd files. I'd like to be able to save .afphoto files to the cloud with history and be able to bring them back if needed. ideas?
  5. Nighternet

    Pixelmator Pro

    We don't need freakin machines to think for us. We need a stable and capable app. Pixelmator on iPad is not even in the same league with AP, regardless of its popularity. Having 90% of the revenue stream coming from upgrades is frustrating. It turned Adobe into a landlord. Especially when it's hard to imagine what else can be upgraded. Adding some bogus features will not help. What else do you want automated? Automatic characters removal? Like former spouses or girlfriends. Turning sunsets into sun dawns? making color "nicer' automatically?
  6. Just the ability to customize the UI toolbox would be sufficient. Say, adding a customized persona and removing all others. For example, I don't need 50% of the things in AP today, but not having Dodge and Burn as two different icons TOGETHER drive me insane, since I use them intermittently. Same with having to go to a different persona to delete the selected area. A simple ALT button in the bottom left corner together with the pencil click, bringing options would be easier to implement, I guess.
  7. It needs progress bar for every process. With the ability to abort it.
  8. I share your frustration, having lost few hours of work (and a good artwork too). Autosave didn't save all latest edits of course. Don't know why. To me, the most important question of them all (and defining whether I'll buy a new Pro 2017 or stay with my Pro 2016) is whether this is simply AP code related thing, or iOS with the existing hardware are not capable of the professional level work. Meaning very high-res files with many layers. Some people say it's much better on iOS 11, but I have too many other things to experiment with Beta.
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong. To remove the background (and this is THE most common task of any work) one has to go to the selection persona, do the selection magic with refinement, etc., two-finger tap to invert the selection, switch to developers persona, two-finger tap and delete the selected area. How intuitive is this? I can't fathom what UX considerations were used to create such flow. I can understand that so many selection tools drove them into a separate persona, but why does one have to go back to dev. to delete (cut, copy, paste) what's selected?
  10. Nighternet

    Customizable Workspace

    This is absolutely essential because in the day-to-day work everybody uses 30-40% of the features only. Some features one may never use at all. Then it becomes the clutter. Here is an example: I use dodge and burn brushes all the time intermittently. Now, why do I have to have one icon slot for both of them? To save room for other icons, I rarely use? LIke cropping for example. How many time do you crop your artwork? Once, twice? This is UX 101.
  11. Nighternet

    Customizable Workspace

    + 1. There are so many things I could go without, so if I could only "uncheck" them.
  12. Nighternet

    Crashing, crashing, crashing.

    I wonder if iPad Pro is even capable of handling super high res. files with many layers. Other programs simply limit the max. resolution and layers.
  13. Many filters and brushes have dials (opacity, strength, flow, scale, etc.) While with brushes it's not that critical, with a filter it's very important to be able to return to 100% with just one click rather than going around it with the pencil. Maybe a dot in the middle or tap on the percentage.
  14. I think it was asked for in the AP desktop forum, but this would be a very welcome feature on iPad. This is especially important to anybody working on motion and animation.
  15. Some operations take very long time to calculate (zoom blur, for example, takes forever on iPad. I ended up restarting AP and losing unsaved changes along the way). Should be a way to abort (cancel) the action. A progress bar would help too.
  16. I don't get it. You CAN rotate the canvas with two fingers now. It made me finally switched to AP.
  17. The way it's currently implemented makes it practically impossible to pick up a color from the small area. You don't see the color of the pixel that's under your finger, you just move your finger in hope to hit it. The circle and crosshair should be above the finger and picked up color should be the one you see in the crosshair. See ArtStudio for iPad for example.
  18. There is no such thing as "mobile professional workflow", simply because mobile devices were never considered to be more than toys. $0.99 apps running on bastardized OS, powered by the inferior hardware. It's changing now, but the damage is done. Will Apple be able to acknowledge the emerging professional market, that combinations of things like iPad pro and AP could create? I doubt they would forsake their whole MacBook Pro/OSX business. Will they create something like OSX Light, running on the most powerful versions of the future iPad? Will there be a breakthrough in battery technology? When there is a demand, there will be supply, but the world of touch UI is so different, that all apps have to be re-designed.
  19. Keyboard connected to iPad is an oxymoron. It simply creates an inferior laptop. Get a laptop with the detachable touch screen. The reason it's sold is just the gadget madness.
  20. Since there is no keyboard, why not to add a solo icon to the layer menu?
  21. This is called "solo". It's used in all sound editing apps. Perhaps because they use far more tracks, or editing solo is more important.
  22. Not sure about straight lines (you have vector ones, which you can later rasterize or not), but a lazy brush would be cool for all of us getting tremor from too much computer use.
  23. For the same reason, you don't want your tooth brush and toothpaste to be in the separate rooms.
  24. Ahhh, that tap again. Where does this tap extravaganza come from? From the tiny phone screen, where is no room for more buttons? On iPad Pro there is enough room for twice as many buttons, especially when it's so easy to hide all of them if necessary. Would it be more natural to just place it at 100% then, using AP magnificent on-screen resize/rotate tool to let the user do whatever he wants to do?

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