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  1. +1 I also came here looking for such a feature! EDIT: while we wait, I discovered a "shortcut". Well, it isn't really, because you still have to close all the "Do you want to save, etc", but if you exit the app and close all dialogs except the last one (you can do this very fast, even before the program actually displays the dialog), then cancel and manually close the last file, you'll get a clean slate. I work with LOTS of images at my job, and I'm a mess at keeping a clean workflow, so, instead of closing every file once I'm finish with it, I start to hoard open files, and this workaround helps a bit, even though, in extreme cases, terminating the program and starting fresh may be even faster, it depends on how quickly you computer fires up Photo or Designer.
  2. Hi! Years later, I still struggle with some files with small text. On Illustrator I used the (really cumbersome) "optimize for" either text or image and got the job done. It wasn't always perfect, as I usually needed to produce nice looking images AND text, so I usually ended up using the "Render" filter on either all text or images (whichever had fewer to select) to apply the optimization required only to that group, than exported with the other option (not sure if I'm making any sense, here). A far from perfect workaround , but it was pretty quick. On AD, my actual workaround is to duplicate all text elements and adjust blending (often black and white text behave differently), which is quite sloppy. I also tried the 4 different export methods, but text reacted the same way with bicubic, bilinear and Lanczos, with only the images being affected. So I ask you: any better ideas? Is font hinting being considered as a feature?
  3. I've been trying to reproduce it for a while now, with no luck, but it happened to me three times already. Not through the esport persona, though. I was exporting by doing Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S and managing export presets from there. PDF export presets if it's any help! Nothing severe and no progress lost, fortunately. This last time, before it closed off, I saw that the file was [Modified] and when I opened it again it didn't tell me anything about a backup o cache copy or whatever, so I guess the only real change was my tinkering with the export options. But, yeah, still happening sometimes on Windows with version
  4. Hi there, new user here! A copy of both Photo and Designer magically appeared in my desktop at work (well not really magically, some paypal was involved, duh). Let's see if I can make the switch without anybody realizing! And maybe, when all is said and done, I'll expose my evil plan and make them ditch Adobe for good, too. I'm the only designer here and I only ever need the Big Three, so the full subscription they pay monthly to Adobe is really ~really overkill. Nice to meet you all and thanks for this wonderful software!
  5. Yeah, no doubt about that, but it also means it could take years to get to v2, all the while updating free of charge! I don't know, maybe I'm just psyched because last tuesday I didn't know about Affinity and now I feel like a child with a new, amazing, surprisingly unexpensive toy. We'll see!
  6. That's true. That's also true, but I think that by then we will have written off the expenses and gladly pay whatever reduced update fee they throw at us (they mentioned as much somewhere). Also, I love FOSS and have used Gimp and Krita a lot over the years, as they are both pretty capable softwares (especially Krita, in its nieche), but their combination in my opinion is still missing something, so I never could abandon Adobe for good. With Photo and Designer (and soon Publisher), I feel like I can finally break the chains, with little more than 100$. Where else can we get as much stuff?
  7. Hi, I'm a new user of both the forum and Affinity products. I've taken an interest in the suite just a few days ago and was pondering whether to buy it already or wait for the 1.6 version (and the supposedly following discount). Affinity made it easy for me by offering both Designer and Photo for 39.99 today (probably because of the iPad release). So @Zaughtilo and anyone waiting for a discount: looks like you're in luck, too! Cheers
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