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  1. Will someone from Affinity answer me? Czy ktoś z Affinity mi odpowie?
  2. 1. Will the tables have simple Excel functions, eg adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing ... etc. 2. Will the Publisher be in Polish?
  3. Also, I ask for the Polish language in the interface . It would also be useful to have a Polish dictionary.
  4. And will the BETA version have access to everyone?
  5. And where can this download program?
  6. I'm in the process of creating an offer folder - and stuck a bit on the tables. It would be useful for Affinity to have tables (eg Excel). In addition, it would be useful to perform simple operations in tables, such as adding, subtracting, percentages, etc. (as in Excel). Many users would be happy to help them work on projects such as folders, pricelists, etc. When will this feature be available?