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  1. must me my installed version then if that's the case ill reinstall it
  2. not sure if this is already posted, but Affinity Designer does not export any layer/object/etc Effects when exporting to PNG, i literally have to export port my files to Affinity Photo in a SVG Format then Export it out in PNG
  3. I also support this request TGA is the industry standard Export format not having TGA , gives both Designer and Photo a massive blow, im working with hologram UI in my game in unreal and PNG has issues with the alpha/opacity. I literally have to use Photoshop because it has TGA
  4. First of all, Affinity Designer has a lot of potential. This Request is only for Pixel Persona Request: Plugin Support Reason: Would allow other programs like Quixel Suite to be used with Affinity Designer. Just being able to do this would be massive advantage not only markedly, but would open more options to the program it self. Affinity Designer would be very affordable to tons of indie studios and freelancers that use Quixel Suite that cant afford Photoshop or their subscription payment modules. I myself am a Quixel Suite user, it would be nice to have the support to run it in Affinity Designer, I talked to the team from Quixel Suite which are interested in Affinity Designer. These Requests are for both Pixel Persona and Draw Persona Request: Layer Clipping and Group Clipping Masking Reason: Its another form of masking that is widely used by other users which can help with logo creation and other works Request: Filter Render Styles Reason: Being able to use the stroke and fill brush to make patterns , clouds and other form of render styles which then can be used with the Layer Effects
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