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  1. Hi, same problem here (Germany). Very slow download speed, cross browser and also if I try to download via various download mangers. I can confirm this issue occurred several times during the last months. If you are sure this is not caused by your servers I guess it's some sort of network node in Germany. UPDATE: After a short research it seems to be a Telekom (German internet provider) related routing problem. Issues with very slow download connections to s3.amazon are reported several times in their community. Some users say using a VPN could help. I will test this and post an update here UPDATE 2: USE A VPN!! Even the free VPN build into Opera speeds up the download time drastically: The following speed results were measured on 14.01.2021 at 18:45: Internet Provider: Telekom (50 Mbit/s max. download VDSL) ~ 5 - 30 KB/s without any VPN (Chrome) ~ 400-600 KB/s with Opera VPN (Opera) ~ 6-8 MB/s while connected to my University data center via VPN (Chrome) The limiting factor here is the max. downloadspeed offered by my internet provider.
  2. This would be great! For Windows Users this should be also available for color pallettes. It's really time consuming keeping Assets etc. up to date and synchronised across the apps.
  3. Hey Chris, thanks for your quick response. It turned out that the crash was related to some of the symbols. Deleting them solved the issue for me in version .69 as well.
  4. As already mentioned in the title AD is crashing when I try to move or scale an artboard. I had this problem already certain days ago - copying the items of the artboards step by step to a new file solved it. Unfortunaly the bug appears in the new file now as well. Always making a new file can't be the final solution. The crash pop Up shows the errorcode 0xE60D7363 or 0x0000005 but the crashreporter says it cannot find an error report to send, or the error report is invalid. Im working with AD I will attach the .afdesign file herescreendesigns 2017.afdesign
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