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  1. Hello I purchase both softwares and i am really happy untill now. After i try it i get it that is more easy for me work with Affinity than with other softwares of this kinde. I have really good basic in Ps so it was easy for me to work with Affinity. My cuestion is where i can get all official shortcut's for Affinity Photo&Designer and how can i change them if i want to and if its possible to change or create them? Thanx guy, awesome softwares you create!
  2. I ask my self if there is some tutorial, then i come here and what a nice suprise :)
  3. groupy


    Hello You guyz rock with Affinity Designer, software is awesome, have pros and cons, but what i like on all softwares what i use is to check version and new update if its available. OK this is not most important thing, people here speak about layers, pixels....... but please make it more easy and in help section that we can check curent version, new version available with software update possibility! Now we need to check this in Affinity home page, if new version is available........ Or maybe i didnt see it(for now in help section we have "About..." and you can see your curent software version) and let me know if i am wrong! Cheers!
  4. Thanx, all info is good, and i hope to learn fast all secrets :)
  5. Hello I buy Affinity designer and my first question is, do we have discount when we buy another product from Affinity? :D About Affinity designer i can say that this is the best 50$ investen in one software. If you compare this tool with other(ok there is always pros and cons) this is awesome. I try to play a litlle bit, so easy to work with and i finde my self working basic things what i do before on Ps without any kinde of problem. I think that AD can be great substitution for Ps and other tools but for make proffesional content. I want to do more than a basic things(i work with Ps all my work) and want to know where is the best place to finde good tuts? OK google know everything but i like to ask on forum to get my answer and like this make new contact with all good people here :D I hope that Affinity designer will grow how time pass and staff will add more new content in this awesome tool :D . I want that Affinity designer kick out "arrogant" Ps from the top :D (i do not have anything againts Ps,i like it and i use it.) For now Affinity designer make me very satisfied and i finde it accidentally on google. I was saturated a litlle bit with Ps so i decide to explore if there is something for replace it, After 5 minuts i found so many good reviews about Affinity, i watch some videos on youtube........and here i am :D :D great job guyz!
  6. groupy

    Introduce Yourself

    Hello I purchase AD(Affinity designer) and i am so happy to have it. Now i have one "hardcore" more for make my jobe done :) Cheers
  7. I use all what i can for make my work done. All tools(softwares) have pros and cons and compare Ps and AD(Affinity designer) for me is not possible. For purchase PS you need to give a large amount of money and AD cost 50$ what is not something big. Ps is so good but AD is good to.AD Have great tools, not complicated to learn(all this kinde of tools work the same if you ask me) and you can do your jobe done. I only hope that AD staff will continue to improve this tool every day and if they do AD can be the best tool for make our job done. But it's just me :)

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