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    Vauxhall60 got a reaction from Alfred in Red skin.   
    Thanks for the help.I'll study the tutorial and see how I get on.
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    Vauxhall60 got a reaction from Alfred in Affinity photo not printing out the full photo   
    Thanks for the speedy reply.
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    Vauxhall60 reacted to walt.farrell in Print different from view on laptop.   
    Certainly screen viewing angle can be a factor, and other than always viewing with the same angle and from the same distance and under the same lighting I don't know of a solution to that when using a laptop.
    However, two other big factors are whether you have color-calibrated your screen, and whether you are soft-proofing your image to see and adjust how it will print before you actually print it. Both of these are somewhat complex topics and I can't provide  much advice on them.
    There is an official Affinity video about printing on Windows that (I think) covers soft-proofing, or there may be one specifically about that.
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    Vauxhall60 reacted to Alfred in Where are the WorkBook Project Resource links?   
    Does your "??????" include a file extension, Steven? If so, it shouldn't do! For example, Patrick's link to ".../coreskills" gives me a download of the file named 'core_skills.zip', but if I try to go to ".../core_skills.zip" I get a 404 error.
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    Vauxhall60 reacted to toltec in Windows affinity photo.Right hand tools not showing.   
    View > Studio > Hide Studio  or Ctrl + Shift + H
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    Vauxhall60 reacted to MEB in Images Are displayed wrong please help   
    Hi Nador-Sin,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
    Seems you forgot to press the Attach button after selecting the images to upload. Can you please try again?
    Here's how to attach a file/image to a post just in case.
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    Vauxhall60 got a reaction from Alfred in 2 photos side by side.   
    Thank you Alfred,works a treat!
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