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  1. crlogic

    JR Macros (Workflow Aids, Tonal Effects)

    Thanks for these! PS. Links are broken and may be worth updating them in the original post.
  2. crlogic

    'Luminosity mask' selection macros

    Too bad there is no way to programmatically enter the X,Y coordinates for each point on the curve.
  3. crlogic

    'Luminosity mask' selection macros

    Thanks for the feedback dmstraker. I can see the excel sheet in your PDF of the values used. Did you just "eyeball" them when creating the ranges? I do not see a very accurate method of inputting the values in the graph.
  4. crlogic

    'Luminosity mask' selection macros

    dmstraker - Would there be any benefit to using a LAB color space and applying the blend range macros to the Lightness dimension? My question comes out of the assumption that the intention of the luminosity mask is to influence just luminosity and not colors as well.
  5. crlogic

    'Luminosity mask' selection macros

    Hi dmstraker - thanks for taking the time and effort to craft this. I have tested the macros on Affinity Photo for Windows and they work great. The instructions were very clear and I am looking forward to what you come up with for extended ranges.