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  1. ON1 does this perfectly and automatically after you straighten an image. It seems like you guys are catering to those who heavily alter photos with brushes, etc. Please get back to basics for us amateurs.
  2. I just read the latest Beta specs from Friday April 27, 2018 and would like to share an observation. I purchased Affinity Photo because I wanted to edit and manipulate photographs and not PDFs! You have fixed numerous PDF issues but still have not ported existing code to other Crop-Straighten areas to crop to opaque. It is such a time waster to have to manually move the little squares so you get as much of an image as you dare to. If you do not get it exactly right you end up with blank areas and get to start all over again. Please add this functionality. Thank you; TommyP
  3. Please implement this existing feature to all Crop / Straighten functions. Would be such a time saver. Keep up the great work!
  4. TommyP

    Inpaint not working

    I had this same issue. Inpainting just stopped working with jpg's. I tried numerous pics and always made sure I was in a copied pixel layer. I then tried it on a RAW image and it worked. I tried again on the same jpg and inpainting worked!!! Is it possibe a setting became stuck?
  5. Hello Affinity. In the Panorama Persona we are given two extremely useful tools. Crop to Opaque and Inpaint Missing Areas. Please consider porting these options to all Crop/straighten tools. Thank you for a wonderful program!!! ps, if you visit this thread and agree with me, please give it a +1.
  6. Please port this to all persona's that support straightening as well as crop to opaque. This would be quite the time saver as well as maximizing image size.
  7. Bump +1 This would save a lot of time getting the most real estate out of a crop. Please include it in any persona that has Crop in it. ps, First post. Hello Affinity!!! I am so loving this program and the excellent tutorials!!! Thank you for all of your hard work. TommyP