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  1. Thanks and congrats to the update! I'm really looking forward to testing the new highlights and shadows results.
  2. Hi there, I love using Affinity photo, but I am missing one point with Details Refinement. In Lightroom it is possible to press the ALT-key while changing the masking slider. This gives you a masking / kind of high pass view of the sharpening that is applyed. I can't find a method to do that in Affinity Photo. Is that function missing or am I missing something? Any plans for a feature like that. Besides that, what's your workflow with Detail Refinement (RAW development)? What values are you set fixed, what is variable afterwards? What are your indications for sharpening the image appropriately? Any tips are highly appreciated! Thanks and best, David
  3. Hi there, thanks for providing such a great software. One tool is really handy with Panoramas: Crop to Opaque within the Crop tool. It would be a huge time saver to have that option also available in the Photo and Develop Persona, because it would help at any moment of rotating a photo. Any consideration is appreciated. Thanks and best, David
  4. Any updates on that issue? Affinity Photo is such an impressing piece of software - that is the only thing missing for me. Thanks!
  5. Added I few for Canon 1300D, RAW and OOC JPEG.
  6. Any news or updates on that topic? It would be a huge improvement - because just now it is not possible to use shadows in the raw converter. Thanks!
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