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  1. Can there be brush settings available for the overlay brush in the develop persona? I find it difficult to mask accurately with the current limited settings available, the edge aware option is pretty good for mouse work but when I use my wacom I find the lack of pressure related options limiting, like brush size or opacity, etc.
  2. In the new v1.7.0.231 beta I get a complete crash when attempting to create a new image stack, it only happens if I un-tick 'Automatically Align Images' Something I have to do for this simple 4 image stack which was shot on a tripod but it includes waves and clouds. System- Windows 10 Pro Version 10.0.17763 Build 17763 Intel i5-4690 @ 3.50GHz 16GB DDR3 @ 1600MHz Nvidia Geforce GT 740
  3. Colour profile is still not working properly. http://i.imgur.com/EpaqysP.jpg
  4. Hi harryn, Those images are all the exact same PDF file that was supplied to me by a client, I don't know what software they used but the Photoshop sRGB image is what the client had previously printed and it needed to match. What's worse is that it only colour shifts certain parts of the image too, like the water.
  5. Reviving this thread, there is clearly something wrong with the profiles in Affinity. Firstly, I have tried changing my monitor's ICC profile from it's default to sRGB IEC61966-21, neither setting changes the colour rendition in Affinity or Adobe. Firefox, Edge, windows photo and Photoshop all display the image exactly the same. Affinity Photo and Designer both display a more washed out/desaturated version. I was hoping to use AP or AD today for the resizing since Photoshop kept crashing on me. Affinity Photo changes the PDF (of unassigned profile) to CMYK without me asking it to or giving me an option to convert to sRGB. Is there anything else I could try?
  6. Thanks James, I am still used to my Photoshop workflow where all detail recovery needs to be done in ACR before tweaking in photoshop, I am not sure how AP handles the raw file after develop so I treat swapping back into the develop persona the same as with Photoshop, where the file is no longer a raw and detail recovery is not as good. For that reason I assumed using the shadows and highlights filter would not yield as good a result as the one in develop. I am glad my finding has been noted though, looking forward to the new beta :)
  7. I am jumping on this thread with a request as well if I may. Could the Highlights & Shadows sliders in the develop persona affect their respective exposure instead of their levels? It's currently unusable for me if I try to recover the shadows detail and raising it just turns them all into a washed out grey. Thanks :)
  8. Thanks for the new Beta :D Small issue I've noticed, using the equirectangular live projection, panning around the image does not update the heading and pitch degrees. Clicking on either will snap the view to the last entered value. Another issue I have found in all previous versions with regards to masking individual layers within a live stack,If I paint a smooth mask it treats the soft edges as though they are hard.
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