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    Grid snapping misalignment

    Hi @Sean P I just tried it now again in a fresh scene in v1.7.0.293 the trouble seems to be coming from making multiple Artboards or moving the Artboard around. Affinity Designer 2019-04-29 09-10-00.mp4
  2. Firstly I did a quick search here to see if this is a new issue but I didn't find anything with this exact issue. When I create a document and turn on the grid for snapping everything works as expected until I change the grid type to isometric or oblique, etc. After doing so the snapping locations are misaligned to the grid, even if I change back to the default grid layout. Please see the attached screenshot. Affinity Designer Beta Windows 10 Pro Version: 1809 OS Build: 17763.379
  3. In the new v1.7.0.231 beta I get a complete crash when attempting to create a new image stack, it only happens if I un-tick 'Automatically Align Images' Something I have to do for this simple 4 image stack which was shot on a tripod but it includes waves and clouds. System- Windows 10 Pro Version 10.0.17763 Build 17763 Intel i5-4690 @ 3.50GHz 16GB DDR3 @ 1600MHz Nvidia Geforce GT 740
  4. Thanks James, I am still used to my Photoshop workflow where all detail recovery needs to be done in ACR before tweaking in photoshop, I am not sure how AP handles the raw file after develop so I treat swapping back into the develop persona the same as with Photoshop, where the file is no longer a raw and detail recovery is not as good. For that reason I assumed using the shadows and highlights filter would not yield as good a result as the one in develop. I am glad my finding has been noted though, looking forward to the new beta :)
  5. I am jumping on this thread with a request as well if I may. Could the Highlights & Shadows sliders in the develop persona affect their respective exposure instead of their levels? It's currently unusable for me if I try to recover the shadows detail and raising it just turns them all into a washed out grey. Thanks :)