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  1. Dear All, since one of the last updates Luminar is usable as Plugin under Windows. The processed image is passed back into Affinity Photo as sRGB only. This is is not changing the fact that the application is still a lingual & esthetic worst case scenario.
  2. @Lee D Hi, nope, i will never buy something from Apple Lee, i'm not religious. I would need GH5 Support in Affinity for Windows.
  3. Hi, on Appel, is the gui also "handmade" implemented, means with such frayed and not scaling with system DPI ? I still wonder how something like this can be released in a non-beta where on the other hand i have lot of fun playing with the LUT remapping.
  4. At the moment it is not really working as plugin: 1. If you use as plugin you can pass a picture into but you can not pass back into Affinity after processing in LUMINAR, you get an empty workspace (windows) (grab the plugin Luminar2018.8bf manually from C:\Program Files\Skylum\Luminar 2018\PluginData ) I have many other issues using it standalone: 2. You can't change localisation, the language is selected based on regional settings and is enforced, the localisation is really bad, so bad that i stopped exploring the app (mix of DE/NL/EN-US). I don't expect a clean translation but at least a possibility to have it in english. The Beta was just english what was OK. 3. You have functions like "Hide in Dock", we don't have a dock, the Software disapper somewhere in Paralleluniverse and can be called back with Alt-Tab 4. There is no Fonts Antialising, the gui is looking like scratched in wood, very primitive. 5. Still sRGB only, like in the Beta 6. Performance is not on top but i'm maybe to sensible on this. I would expect more speed on my system specs (OCd i9 7900x) but i keep this unjudget for now because of 2.. 7. The beta had a nicer filter slector, each filter had a description, now it is a simple (ugly looking) list, they are now translated and i was from beta experience familiar with the english names. There may be more issues but i try first to get support for at minimum 2. Deleting localisation files is not helping, it is being restored by msi installer on application start. The ideas in Luminar are good and the reason i bough the app but i prefer to wait till the banana is more ripe. For me personaly it is still a learning process to bring my expactations in relation with what i paid, we should not forget that we get with Affinity and Luminar an imense amount of software for our Euros, but some quality aspects as minimum and knowledge of new platform (for Macphun Windows seems to be new) i think are expectable. Example of the bad gui on 1st screenshot, elements not anti aliased and extremly small (also in relation of other OS dpi settings), text can be cutted depending on lenght. 2nd screenshot shows one of the bad translation examples, even i'm for united europe i prefer have clean dutch and german and not a mix of both :-) (there are much more) 1st word is NL the 2nd is DE, system regional setup is DE 3rd screenshot shows your workspace after this bi-lingual export message (picture is gone). 4th screenshot is your ticket into the mirrored universe (Im Dock ablegen) and some Denglish language experience 5/6th another heavy language mixture in the filter list
  5. Dear Serif, now v 1.6 is released but still no GH5 RAW included. There were some comments that you also want to develop a lightroom alternative, which sense doest it make when users need to wait months/years for their camera RAW support? As already observed, there will be maybe other priorities, like Affinity Photo for smart watches, dogs or cats which get more important then profane things like working RAW. I had to buy Lightroom months ago because the RAW support within your suite is really not good. Now next versions of Lightroom will be only as abonnement. So i'm landing in the next dead end? Please tell, when can i expect full RAW support for Panasonic GH5 ?
  6. Is there any chance to get an answer when the official 1.6 will be released and if Panasonic GH5 RAW will be reworked/included ?
  7. I compared it with Luminar Beta, tried to manipulate in the similar way and on the same RAW file. The scaling is better with Affinity but there is a significat difference. The user intrerface seems to be "detached" from the background calculations. You can use the sliders in Luminar and even it is working in the background with some waiting time (Luminar is not really fast) it has never impact on the performance of the user interface like Affinity. The elements of the gui are always usable without any kind of latency/delay (what is not saying that i like the Luminar gui more).
  8. thx @rainwilds with some unrealistric movement of the brightness slider in RAW development you get close to 100% so i would say is scaling quite wel.
  9. Not yet, will do and will report thanks ------ Update Performance is much better. Using standard operations in development there is no huge delay anymore. The CPU usage is going up to 50% (what is looking for me that is it scaling well with physical cores but not with available virtual threads). Its is well usable. About the GH5 RAW i'm still not sure if implemented. Comparing to G70/81 RAW you still need to assault the saturation slider like a riot monkey. Thanks, when can we expect 1.6X released ? ps. at least in the short test and using only simple functions - i don't see there any usage of AVX/FMA. This could significantly improve the performance.
  10. Dear All, since i have updated the system the performance of Affinity Photo is really bad. Bad is a bad adjective, it is something below. Using filters, simple functions (e.g. clarity in development), all has several seconds of delay, maybe like working with NT 4.0 on a system with 1MB of RAM. I think, that the software is not yet optimised for Skylake-X and the Mesh infrastructure, so for the moment is is just too painfull to use it. System: Core i9 7900X, @4,5GHz (10 Cores/20 Threads) 64GB RAM Titan X(Pascal) Graphics NVMe SSDs type Samsung 960pro The old 6 Core system had a much smoother performance. Is there any chance there will be a version optimised to new CPUs (soon) and also supporting a Camera RAW from a camare which us close to 1/2 year alredy on the marked but nothing (really nothing) happens from Affinity to get its RAW supported (Panasonic GH5).
  11. Dear Serif Team, i really like your software, even RAW for GH5 is not yet available, it is really an effective and good piece of software with a very high potential for more in the Future. I'm still thinking, cool software from a cool company. But, since the last days my opinion about the coolness of the company is really changing. Why is Serif every 3rd day sending promotion mails about the new iPad application? To be honest, not everybody from your user base is GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook & Amazon) addicted, not everybody wants to post something in Facebook or even has a Facebook account, some of us don't want to have an iPad even for free. Why it is required to spam customers every few days with this (childish) campaign? Is one/two mails not enough? Should i remove myself from the newsletter (what i don't want). I just want to use your cool software and from time to time receive updates what is new. Please stay serious, stop spamming... Thanks
  12. Not sure if this is programmers best practice, there is a fat ddl called "libpersona.dll". This fatten baby is 303mb large. I'm not sure if this fat library can not slow down the application on some systems, it is a bit like trash bins in Milano...
  13. Don't understand this discussion. Apple users need it simplest for several reasons (maybe also devote customer-vendor relations) so the bounding to their store. No clue why windows users should have a connection to the Windows store. This would mean that there is a data exchange with Microsoft and the application would run in the Modern App cage. 3rd party workflow integration, colour management, plugins - all would go if the software is packed into this jail. In any way, Serif - please don't release Photo/Designer as modern app...
  14. Hi, it looks like this is app normal behaviour. The difference between a 4.3GHz 12 thread system, a T460 Laptop, 2 Virtual Machines is not that significant in loading RAW files. When compare how fast Irfanview is loading the files then the statement AP is slow is fully true. Additionally it is currently loading mess for the new GH5 r2w files ;-).
  15. No GPU restarts ( i know how they are looking like). Files uploaded. Driver for Titan X is last actual (updated yesterday, no difference). But good tip. I have excluded photo.exe from rivatuner (without disabling it what makes here no sense - it is required for GPU cooling regulation and OC) and the app is not crashing. Still, rivatuner is the same since months....
  16. Hi, this is not working, it is crashing dirtectly on click, ctrl makes no difference. What is in the dump files? I don't want to upload it here for public access where it is unclear what the content of it is. It is not a good idea to offer here memory dumps in free 4 all access.
  17. Thanks all here! I will try this evening. Both Designer and Photo are crashign in the same way. For Photo i yesterday already renamed AppData%\Affinity\Photo\ to AppData%\Affinity\Photo_ so it has created a new, clean folder with fresh settings. Still the same crash. I will check all the other tips here this evening and attach requested logs if required.
  18. Dear Community, don't upgrade to Windows 10 1703, both Photo & Designer fail to start after the upgrade with crash 0xC0000005. Appdata cleaning and application reinstallation is not helping. For now the suite is completly without function.
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