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  1. Quoting because Jason perfectly summed up the #1 thing I'll need from Publisher. I've gotta be able to pick up and hand off files with my InDesign-using clients or Publisher can't be a part of my workflow. As long as Publisher will be able to open and export .idml , everything will be rosy!
  2. hardini

    seamless pattern fill

    Add me also as one requesting a vector pattern feature in Designer. This and being able to expand a stroke into a usable amount of anchor points would be the first two features I'd ask for.
  3. I'm curious, if this is the case, how come Affinity Photo can export to .psd?
  4. The ability to expand a stroked line and have it easily editable is a huge part of my workflow, like, gigantic. This right off the bat would be my #1 requested bug fix. Thanks--just bought both programs today!

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