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  1. Thanks Str2 for the pointer re: image vectoriser. £3.99 and it's a brilliant piece of kit - you get so much control over the tracing process. Highly recommend this for anyone looking for a way of tracing without involving illustrator.
  2. The Live Trace 'look' seems to have become an actual style in surface design and illustration circles. I started out spending ages trying to smooth my traced and scanned designs but now see lots of stuff that has lots of raggedy edges on it so it seems that buyers are ok with it and it's really just us geeks that want perfect curves! A lot of buyers for fabric designs will not go near anything that isn't vector based so the ability to do more than just smooth lines. i need to remain versatile style wise and so for now I will have to keep my old version of illustrator running alongside designer until such time i can create scatter brushes, vector based textures and pattern swatches in designer. I really hope you consider adding these features in the future as I am enjoying working in Designer WAY more than Illustrator. Thanks Frankie https://www.instagram.com/frankie_van_mourik/
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    Thanks for these! :)
  4. Hello there, could someone tell me please, is there the facility to create repeat pattern swatches? Also is it possible to create a scatter brush? Thanks in advance - i'm finding the software is fantastic by the way!