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  1. Thank you for getting back to me, I am using the adobe draw app which is vector based (on ipad pro 2 with apple pencil) and allows to send as pdf which affinity designer can open in layers. I think it should be ok once i get used to not relying on smooth tool. Moving node points doesn't take so long I know there will be some new ways of doing things with this new software. Thank you for the bitmap advice too I used to use live trace quite a bit when I first started using adobe illustrator so its nice to see a way of doing this too especailly the node reduction too Thank you also for a link to the list of tools and functions
  2. Interesting thread, answers point one and two although would now love to know if there is a tutorial as to how im going to be able to take hand drawn illustrations from ipad pro and apple pencil to affinity designer. and remove all the extra anchor points without having to do them one by one. Would like to know if affinity are planning on adding either of these functions in the near future. It seems that everything is set up for using only the pen tool which is disappointing. Also would like an answer still for 3) Thank you
  3. Hello, I have just bought affinity designer but come from a background of using adobe illustrator. I would like to smooth lines on a handrawn (ipad pro apple pencil) imported pdf - using apple draw to create vectors on ipad and transfer files as a pdf in creative cloud to maintain layers whilst awaiting affinity designer for ipad pro - The imported pdf vector drawing has many anchor points as you would expect. In adobe illustrator I could use the smooth tool to quickly remove number of anchor points whilst maintaing a handdrawn quality. 1) is this possible in affinity designer? If so what is the tool called and where could I find it 2) Also I would use the path simplify from drop down menu in adobe illustrator to smooth and reduce anchor points - is there something similar in affinity designer. I am working through the tutorials but these are some of my first issues I have come across. 3) Would also appreciate if there is a list of all the available tools so I don't need to keep asking in the forum Thank you affinity - really enjoying using designer
  4. Thanks Bri-Toon I normally use that tool in illustrator but i'm sure I can get used to the multitude of ways that I can change colours in affinity designer. I think that my colour choice will be more considered and deliberate using the affinity methods although that probably wont be a bad thing
  5. Hello, I have looked but could not see this in the forum recently. I am using the trial at the moment and was wondering if there is a recolour artwork tool like that in adobe illustrator in affinity designer. Thanks in advance Sarah
  6. Hi, I have a very basic issue with photo and hope you don't mind me asking. I am very familar with using adobe illustrator and more recently affinity designer. I have never used photoshop. I would like to use affinity photo for illustration work and make use of the daub brushes. When I open a new document I would like to sketch straight onto my layer but the layer is dark grey and does not allow any thing to be drawn unless I fill the layer with white using the paint bucket and then I can draw ontop of that. This feel clunky so I know I am doing something wrong. I have looked for an answer using the affinity videos and also basic photoshop videos but cannot see what to do Thank you in advance sarah
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