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  1. Hi Hokusai, thanks for your answer. I will se the link.
  2. Hi, First of all thanx for this great software. I've got a problem is with the gradient and effects like blur. I'm working a lot with animators (after effect) and when I want to export in PDF vectors drawings, I can't export gradient or effects like blur (it transform it in pixel or something like this). The only way is to use illustrator. It takes time and complicate the process. Do you think it could be possible to integrate this in the futurs updates? Another feedback it's about the pen tool. Compare with the AI pen tool ( as I was using it before, it's the best comparative point I have ) the designer's pen tool is really slow (if you want to go fast and design various points ). If I'm too fast, a lot of point doesn't appear. Should be really great to get more reactivity. I hope this could help. Bye M
  3. Woww! thanks! It was complicated without this fonction. Maybe the name ( at least in french version) is not so good because it looks like the line will grow instead of transforming in a form. Hokusai, thanks for the help. I'm using your technic right now and it works fine. I export in personna All the elements i need as slices which will become layers in after. I export all the slices + a slice "ref of he final image" which will help to replace the elements (I'm not the animator). As it is for animation, the elements don't need to be exactly at the same place (so i don't need a rectangular box). The only difference with AI is instead of using a document with many layers, we import a file with many pdf. When the animator import the file, each pdf became a layer with the good name.
  4. Thanx for your answer! I will try your process. Maybe without passing by AI (opening the different PDF directly in after). I'm thinking like you about designer and AI. I bought designer one month ago and i'm already using it, instead of AI (not completely but almost), for working! Now, if they could fix this question of exporting gradient, blur and the compatibility with after, it would be really cool. Another thing that should be nice is the possibility to transform a vector line in a form (looks like it doesn't exist already). I really miss this illustrator fonction. One more time thanx for your help!
  5. Thanx for the answer. Sorry i didn't find the other topics. My problem is that i can't use the gradient and the blur. When i import the document in after, it transform it. An other problem is when i organize my document in various layers to animate them, after effect doesn't recognize them. Do you know if there's a solution for this (i didn't find the answer in the other topics). Thanx for your help.
  6. Hi, Should be really great if it would be possible saving project in AI format to import them in after effect. Actually, when i use the PDF format, there's some problems with the transparency and gradient. Thanx and thanx for this awesome software!
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