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  1. Thank you for the link to brush info! As you may guess, I am maybe a couple of steps above beginner regarding photo editing with this application. I haven't used this to its full potential! I have the workbook and am making headway through it but I'm impatient. And then I run into problems like the stabilizer and what does it do, etc. becoming frustrated when I can't find the info that I need. So again, thank you for your help with this!
  2. I totally agree - it doesn't seem very useful at this point in my photo editing scheme. It would be nice if there was some documentation about it and maybe there is, but I haven't located anything yet. Again, thank you! I'm a happy camper again!
  3. I'll check...... Yes - it WAS checked and now it isn't! And yes, that corrected the problem. I did not see this covered in any of the documentation. The explanation may be there but for me it is apparently well hidden! Thank you very much for replying and sharing info! I appreciate it! Skitterbug
  4. I am on Mac Mojave O/S - Affinity Photo V1.7.3. My question is about the tool that appears when I try to apply sharpening in High Pass after inverting the applied mask. It doesn't remain a circle but changes into a little line. It is very hard to follow and I can say that so far I dislike even trying to use it. How can I make my brush show up as a circle again? See the attached screen shot of the little line that I am referring to. Thanks for help with this problem. Skitterbug
  5. Yay yes, they are both there Designer and Photo! Thank you!
  6. You've got a great product. I am anxious to install the update but it isn't posted to the Apple Store yet? When might I expect to see it show up? Thanks!
  7. I'm definitely confused. I own Affinity 1.5. I purchased my current Affinity photo and the designer applications through Mac App Store since I'm a MAC user. 1st question - Do I get the upgrade to 1.6 for free or do I have to purchase this as a new program from the Mac App Store? The Photo was purchased in September 2015 but the Designer was just recently purchased June 2017. 2nd question - you mention that we need to create an account on Affinity website? How? Thank you for any clarification you can offer. Skitterbug Additional info and success! After I asked my rather dumb question, I went back to the app store and took a good hard look at what I should do. I discovered that I only needed to hit the little command button and tell it to update my app. Then I hit open and my did that and the screen to the freebies opened. That's where I created my account and then I was able to download my content. This worked for both Photo and Designer. So thank you very much Affinity for developing an excellent program. I am anxious to see what the free stuff is. It downloaded to my computer and I still need to install it but I wanted to let the moderator know that I was successful! Cheers ~ Skitterbug
  8. I missed this post. I do have NIK Viveza plugins and they do work within Affinity Photo. I'll have a look see at that idea and see if it is manageable. I appreciate your response! Thank you very much! :)
  9. Hi A_B_C, HVDB, V_Kyr and rmar, I ended up using the stamp tool which was time consuming but I got the results that I wanted. I didn't have much luck using a paint brush or the fill color feature because for some reason, I apparently didn't have the program set up to allow that action? I don't know..... I watched the suggested video about dust and scratches and gave it a try. The feature worked, sort of but the black wasn't black enough yet and the specks were still there so it was back to "stamping". That did work even if it was slow going. Thank you everyone for replying. I think I'll like this application once I know how to put it to good use. It isn't easy to figure out and even with the tutorials, when something doesn't work as expected, there isn't any info about what the "user" should do (meaning me...). The part I posted in my first query wasn't part of this picture but you can get the idea of how my stamping efforts turned out.
  10. Thank you Harrym. I gave the lasso tool a try and was able to fill the selection for a few times (I took small sections at a time) and then all of a sudden, the fill would work anymore. I have no idea why. I'll need to check how to replace colors, specifically black, but I was hunting for that option and never found anything helpful in the tutorials. It is frustrating when I want to get something done and haven't a clue how to do it. I'll keep trying though because I want to get a "simple" way figured out! :)
  11. Hi ~ This has probably been covered somewhere but I've spent the better part of the day trying to figure out how to change my black velvet to completely black. It has lint, etc that shows up and I thought there might be a simple way to convert it to a solid black. Instructions would be great or if you already have a video covering the technique for doing this, that would work too. I'll upload a pic so what I am trying to do can be seen. Thank you for any help!
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