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    bill hansen got a reaction from Jowday in Affiniti Photo - Noise removal and sharpening   
    I'm hoping to move completely away from Photo Shop CC to Affiniti Photo (AP) for editing still photo images. I've been working with AP for a couple of weeks, and so far I like it a lot, but I haven't been as happy with the sharpening and noise removal tools. So - two questions - (1) is there a way to install Topaz Denoise 6 into Affiniti (I know the entire Topaz Studio can be installed, but I'll only use DeNoise and I don't want the whole Studio) and (2) Is there a plug-in sharpener tool which is more flexible and powerful than the basic tool in Affiniti? My favorite sharpener has been "Smart Sharpen" from Photo Shop. The sharpener tool in Affiniti seems to be quite basic.
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    bill hansen got a reaction from AiDon in Add Topaz Denoise as PlugIn?   
    AiDon - I got DeNoise 6 itself, outside of Topaz Studio, into the Filters of AP. Feels like a victory - Thanks for your help!
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    bill hansen got a reaction from John Rostron in How can I install Topaz pluguns?   
    Jon - still don't understand your reply, but with the help of another member, I got DeNoise6 into AP. 
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    bill hansen got a reaction from Scott Williams in Five Ways to Sharpen with Affinity Photo   
    Has your macro been taken down? I don't see it when I look at the "description" of your tutorial.
    But thanks for the tutorial. It helps a lot, even without the macro!
    Bill Hansen
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    bill hansen got a reaction from ianrb in high pass sharpening   
    Thanks to everyone who replied - sorry for this much delayed Thanks - no excuse except that I haven't been back to this forum for a while. I've viewed the "5 ways to sharpen" a few times, and now I think I understand how to sharpen in AP. 
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