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  1. Thank you Sean - took a bit of fiddling, but its back in order.
  2. I save most work in Affinity Photo files and export to JPG format, however recently the computer directory is only recognising JPGs as Affinity Photo files. Other file formats are Ok. Is this an Affinity problem or windows?
  3. Thank you Alfred, retrograde & owenr. I can use all these three. The tut video I was following (not specifically for Affinity) outlined the technique retrograde explained... I think I hadn't changed the persona missed selecting the paint tool. works perfectly now. Many thanks.
  4. Instead of a gradient fill, is there a way to use a textured (let's say watercolour effect) brush to fill inside a shape. I can only get the textured brush to follow the outline path of the shape.
  5. Excellent! Many thanks Lee D... I was looking in the wrong place! This will be particularly useful to me.
  6. Could anyone please talk me through the perspective adjustment shown on the promotional video on the Affinity site (at 0.09secs). Its appears the image of the building is divided into duel planes - these can be swung left or right to adjust the perspective. I have been using the Live perspective filter but cannot enable the duel planes option. Thanks in anticipation.
  7. Hi, I'm Fiona. I've recently upgraded from Serif v5. I considered jumping headlong into Adobe, but looked carefully at Affinity first. Well, there really wasn't an argument... with the new facilities and of course the vast cost difference, I put my money with Affinity. Now, I'm up and running I'm finding even more for that money and absolutely love it. (NB. using Affinity Designer also, but not so much and still working my way through the Workbook). Most of my work is 3D modelling (SketchUp) and visualising (Twilight Render), so Affinity Photo fits into this work flow pre & post production. I've been enjoying this program so much I'm thinking/planning to branch out from modelling into other digital illustration... a long term dream!
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