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  1. Yesterday Im frist time tested new beta with wacom and wow ! :) what a progress! congrats !! I draw with wacom pro , on win10 pro
  2. Im buing Xara just for drawing with tablet and for me its on top of drawing with path. AD have uncomparable tablet support to Xara, even if Xara develop it 20 years ago it works better. But style of work with path is more friendly in AD, I was kid who learn on freehand and Illustrator and two tool for path: one for draw one for edit for me is like old friend, better than one strange multitasking super Xaras tool (and kind of how path is create in Xara is strange too) I like Xaras Layers/Page manager and realy do not like Layers in AD, Xara have offset path tool AD not, AD have amazing bluring X have too but worse, and list goes on and on. Opinion is always based on old habits, now Im using both Xara and AD, :) and somwhere on the corner HDD have old Fireworks who is best for net job (slicing, compresing image, gif control etc). Im not monosoftware guy, Im discover old truth more soft more fun :) and when we can choose we are almost free and happy. Best wishes to all users of all :)
  3. thnx everything is clicked by mouse :) if I have more time probably I give letters more details... I like non repeating hand made shapes :)
  4. I made this beetwen my normal duty in job, no sketches just clicking by mouse in AD, I try to prepare this stuff to use later in Moho. Anybody have a experience with pairing these two software? experience
  5. I work with wacom intuos pro on win10 and have no problem with tablet in Designer. But sketching with vector brush tool is still weak, smooth path slider is needed :) And maybe Im think wrong but wheres real vector brushes is possible to implementing it to Designer? greetings :) PSz
  6. wonderfull :) And when we can expect 1.6 ? :D :D :D
  7. What about improve hand drawing in Affinity Designer, Its hard to describe how look my expectations, I was use Illustrator, CorelDraw, Freehand, and Xara Designer. The Xara in this group is at the top if you use tablet and try to inking drawing by hand. lines go smooth and find right way to lay, and you can control this by slider in menu. in Xara by one move I switch from drawing lines to draw objects In Affinity You know at all time after I draw wanted object I must switch it to full fill and back to draw... this is not fast and friendly... look at this, how lines lay and (start at 0:3.05) how easy is making colors below strokes... wish you All best :) PSz
  8. I saw this but it works when you use mouse to drag layer also you can drag layers by key arrows and then bounds is not hide but trick with space solve it thnx :)
  9. Hello Im just start in use AP and have a one suggestion It will be nice if Users can switch off the visiblity of layer/object blue bounds for example in GIMP, Paintshop, Photopaint it is possible, even photoshop have option show Transformation controls for layers and objects (in default is off). BR PSz
  10. I have the same problem on win 7 plus question about pantone when I add swatch pantone in cmyk document and export to eps pantone disappeared and all object assigned as pantone have a cmyk colour ...