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  1. NOUP I'm talking about DxO-NIK collection latest version. It does not work.
  2. AFFINITY PHOTO version 1.7.0 Is Crashing... when I call the PlugIn... ...every single time when I'm editing image the pop-up window open w message "updating fonts" which is actually a crash. The app must be forced to quit and restart. We are talking about the latest Affinity Photo app. What is the problem here...
  3. Thank you for the reply. What seems to look difficult turn out as easy task, however, the problem is that plugins listed here : http://www.miguelboto.com/affinity/photo/plugins-support/ ... simply don't work! ... at least good 90% of them ... This otherwise great application AffinityPhoto is one big frustration. It looks not just to me, that this app AffinityPhoto has still long way to go ...
  4. Sorry folks but all this rumbling about Photoshop plugins installation is good for nothing ... Can anyone PLEASE post simply as 1-2-3 ... "good-recipe" how to do it? I trying hopelessly to install what apparently suppose to work but I am NOT getting positive results ...
  5. ... Ya, right .... and can you tell me where? ... as far as I can see, there is nothing how to install Photoshop plugins.
  6. About plugins Using plugins in Affinity Photo requires two key steps: installation of the plugin on your computer, then linking to the plugin within Affinity Photo. To link to the plugin you'll need to target the .plugin file itself, then allow supporting files, necessary for the plugin to operate, to be accessed. Due to the varying standard of third-party plugins, you may experience problems when using this feature. This is beyond Serif's control, so we recommend that you save your work before using plugins, then test your plugins before commencing. To link to your plugin file: From the Affinity Photo menu, select Preferences. Select the PhotoShop Plugins tab. Under the Plugin search folders box, click Add Folder, then navigate to the parent folder that contains the .plugin file. For example, this could be in a PhotoShop folder such as /Applications/Adobe PhotoShop CS6/Plug-ins. You can add as many plugins as you like by repeating the above process. To allow access to supporting plugin files: From the PhotoShop Plugins tab, under the Plugin support folders box, click Add Folder. Press G to bring up the Go to the folder input box. Type '/'. Press Go. Press OK. Press Close. Restart Affinity Photo for the changes to take effect. To apply an installed plugin: From the Filters menu, select the plugin from the plugins flyout. OK so this truly works however only for certain plug-ins. Not all NIK software nor Topaz plug-ins do work.
  7. What ever I do just few PH Plugins actually work. ... I am heading for refund. BY THE WAY the ( '/' ) did work but still just for few NIK plugins. :ph34r: :wub: :ph34r:
  8. P.s. I have tested NIK as well as Topaz no positive result. ( I am not mentioning other PH Pl-ins ) Mind you that without Plug-Ins this application regardless how promising it is, without those PH plug-Ins this app is very much useless !!!
  9. First of all I LOVE AFFI-Photo for innovative approach to image manipulation ... to say that I have NO problem to wait for improvements in Plug-Ins "department" .... to say that I will appreciate at least to know which Plug-Ins work right now as we speak ... do you know that please ? :)
  10. Today I have purchased copy of Aff-Photo from Apple store. To my surprise Photoshop filters version CC and 2015 do NOT work. All seems to be in order however no way to see Ph Plug-ins to open. All of these PH Plug-Ins on the other hand work flawlessly in CC and 2015 versions. Where is the problem please. Also. Plug-Ins instillers don't see Aff-Photo application. Please Help. Thank you.
  11. Hello, I have installed “AFFINITY PHOTO”. What a blast ... this app is awesome at least to say ... I just LOVE IT ! My question is. Are we going to see beside use of PH-Plugins also Photoshop “AUTOMATE” and “Extensions” use in “AFFINITY PHOTO” ? If so that will complete me . Cheers :) jVh
  12. I'm living in Canada and I got it for $39.00. I have not seen price of $80.00 ... kinda bizarre ...
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