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  1. alimpo83

    Affinity Photo Workbook

    I'm still waiting for the book. I've received an email from affinity stating that SEUR had tried to deliver the book twice, It's a lie (the SEUR statement). When I saw that SEUR was the shipping company, I instantly knew that meant problems. My building has got a concierge from 8am to 8pm. So It's completely rubbish they tried to deliver, even once. And on top of that, SEUR Portugal has got a website with a contact that when called states "the number you dialed does not exist", and can't reschedule the delivery on their website because I don't have the email used to order from Amazon (It was Serif that did it, when ordering from their site).
  2. alimpo83

    Affinity Photo Workbook

    Thanks for the answer! As I said, the main problem was the time waiting and lack of answer to the emails. BTW, the Affinity Designer book is great.
  3. alimpo83

    Affinity Photo Workbook

    Hello everyone, I've ordered both books (for Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo), and both were paid in advance. Only one of them arrived (designer) and the other never did. Worse, I've sent three emails to order support, and no one answered. Then I've sent another email to a general one and no one answered also. I love the software and use it daily, but you can't take my money and expect everything goes well with the book shipping, without giving a estimate as to when it will arrive. I'll wait a few days, and then I'll request a full refund. If I still can't get an answer, I'll treat it as a scam and take the necessary measures legally, I'm sorry. I'm very disappointed.
  4. Soon I'll be launching my second Skillshare class, using only Affinity Designer. Until then, you can use the latest available link for my first one : http://skl.sh/2mY2QK0 Be fast! Thanks.
  5. Some of the free links from the previous post are still available! Get them! Thanks, alimpo
  6. I had many users asking for promo enrollments after finishing the last ones. I'm sharing the last promo links here and in another sites. Use them quickly, before they are taken! Thanks, Alimpo The FREE links: http://skl.sh/2mY2QK0
  7. All Free enrollments have been taken. Many thanks to everyone! Enjoy!
  8. Everyone! I'm giving away FIVE FREE ENROLLMENTS to my class! Be the first to get this free offer, only available at this forum. Follow the link and enjoy the classes :) http://skl.sh/2mVV3ZP EDIT: Be sure to use the last links! Offer is almost over!
  9. Hello everyone, I've created a Skillshare Class using Affinity Designer, called "Illustration from Pencil to Vector!". I'm planning on creating more classes with this great software, that I now use on a daily basis as a graphic designer. My class features the creation of a character, from the pencil and paper, to the fast vector tracing and coloring in Affinity. Please check it! Thanks! http://skl.sh/2kwCcXx