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  1. Hi everyone, Just to shine some information here related to the following questions because it does not only apply to Serif product, but basically to anything you want. Concerning VM performance, you must understand that there is multiple type of VM's. If you are planning to start "VirtualBox" and that's it. Then you can expect very poor graphical performance for any application. What you need to get near native performance, yes you can absolutely play AAA games, your CAD app, etc, this way without much performance loss. I am using QEMU with a dedicated video card (Y
  2. This starts to deviate a little bit, but, what !? Have you ever heard of a business plan or did you just misunderstood my point ? Of course your build first a MVP, then you go ask for money. I know no single startup that got money based on an "idea".
  3. Hello @Mark Ingram, Thank you for your post and information. I've recently published : And I have a request for you and your team that implies a very small dev effort. Would it be possible to add a simple toggle info to our accounts (serif accounts, not forum) to add our targeted OS ? Example, I would love to have my purchases count as towards Linux platform not Windows. Since you already implicitly do that for Windows / Mac OS, it would be nice to have an explicit button to indicate for Windows purchases that they are used by mainly Linux user. I know how complicated i
  4. Just pre-ordered the affinity publisher. (I'm using scribus atm.) I am a proud owner of all your products. Right now I use a VM with VFIO (I share GPU, mouse, keyboard, wacom tablet to a windows vm) to use those products. It's far from ideal, but I am willing to support Serif, because you are actually building amazing products that are very nice to use ! This post is simply to share my support on something happening someday on the linux support front. Whatever it is. Hope all the posts and repeated questions don't get too much on your nerves. I'm a Software Engineer also, and
  5. Just a note related to "fail to start with 0xC0000005": - Riva tuner (mostly comes with msi afterburner) must be turned off if you are using it - From what I have seen if your "renderer" fails, means gpu restarts etc. The application will crash like that. A little bit more on the GPU note: @Sean P - Installing the drivers through the geforce experience will reload the driver and will make any affinity product crash because they don't handle the case. << This is a bug, should definitively be fixed, most applications handle this. - If a bug happens on the GPU it will also restart the d
  6. If you can edit your main post (with the full editor) and upload the affinity designer file to the QA team, they will hopefully be able to reproduce your bug and report it.
  7. Great that you could partially reproduce. Concerning the crash, it is an error "0xC0000005 (Which seem to be every error your devs decide not to handle ^_^ ), so it doesn't give much info. Sadly I can't share you the exact file that leads to a crash... However, I made another post including the test of the new beta version that will lead to a same "0xC0000005" crash. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/37644-unhandled-exception-has-occured-code-0xc0000005/ They might both be linked, because I do use elements from the package I shared above in the "crashing artboar
  8. What I figured is that the constraints tend to follow their container. So if you have a constraint before grouping the same "movement" constraint will be applied when you group. Resulting in your objects being moved all across the screen, at least in my version ( What I end up doing is: - Grouping - Reapplying the constraint as I like on the group itself and all the sub elements - Create a symbol Then use symbols instead.
  9. Same happens to me on the digitizer (screen) of the Surface Book Performance. It sometimes works, sometimes it doesn't. Plus it often fails into a single click or drag operation. Using AD. Works fine on the wacom at my desk.
  10. Where can I find it ? What is the "stable" version since there is many versions out there. All that I found on the forums leads to a message after intall "This beta has expired. We hope you enjoyed using Affinity Designer"
  11. Just a small add. The crash happens every single time you want to move a artboard on the new file. Even after saving that file. Closing everything AD included. Restart AD, just open that new file with the artboard(s) you copied in it. Try to move an artboard and it will crash. Files size 34MB.... Something must have been saved that makes AD crash.
  12. Here is a list of bugs that happens in relation to copy / paste artboards in different files with dummy stock photos see "test-original.png": 1) Artboards are not displayed properly after new file is created see screenshot. Background color is also not maintained. To reproduce: - Copy your(s) artboard(s) - On file menu -> "New from Clipboard" Screenshot: "Like_this_until_layer_clicked.png" If you click on the layers, then it goes back to normal, but background color is still gone anyway. 2) Moving artboards in the new file after the action "New from Clipboard" causes AD to crash with
  13. I'll try to make a video later then. I'm quite busy at the moment. But I'll do it no problem.
  14. Thank you PS: This shouldn't be a problem if they handle correctly those assets in memory. Only the sort index should change. Now it is maybe inherent to how they handle/display each subcategory of asset. Anyway, thanks for raising the ticket
  15. Hello Chris_K I have uploaded the file "Material-Design-Icons.afassets", it is as work in progress for porting official material icons resources. It will be then shared on the forum with all the licenses and other assets for doing material design. You can reproduce the issue simply by sending sub-categories up and down. Even when all closed, they take a ridiculous amount of time to sort. Best regards EDIT: I tested on two computers: - One very recent desktop with nvidia 1070 gpu, etc... - A surface book performance (which is recent too, but nothing comparable to the desktop
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