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  1. I opened a file created with Affinity Designer 1 with the new Designer 2. I saved it with a new name, edited the file for more than 1 hour, saving it many times. At certain point I opened Affinity Photo to edit a image to insert on Designer. Some time after that, after insert that raster image, I tried to save the Designer file and a box was presented saying something like: "Failed to save Document". After that point, the icon for the file changed to a generic Affinity Designer icon and became impossible to "save", "save as" or "open" the file. My only option was look for the previous version at my Time Machine Drive. I opened that file, imported the raster image again and finished that job. I'm reporting just to leave a record in the case that more people find the same problem.
  2. I received some PDF files with images. I need to import/place these PDFs into an Designer file (CMYK). How can I be sure that the images are all CMYK?
  3. I'm considering buy Affinity Publisher, but I need foot notes. Any news about the release of this tool?
  4. I think that be able to edit or at least add EXIF info to files should be treated as priority in Affinity Photo and Design. I suggest to add in Options a field to enter Copyright information that will be added to any new file you create.
  5. I'm thinking about to buy CrazyTalk 3 2D animation software, but I found a problem. Affinity Designer doesn't export or save in SWF Flash, the only vector format accepted for CrazyTalk. It's very interesting that they offer a tutorial about how export assets from Serif DrawPlus... supposedly replaced by Affinity Designer. Any chance that you include support for SWF?
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