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  1. @walt.farrell Unfortunately align the artboard in whole pixels and define artboard sizes in whole numbers makes the problem less often, but not eliminate it. Right now I think that this is really a bug...
  2. I think that be able to edit or at least add EXIF info to files should be treated as priority in Affinity Photo and Design. I suggest to add in Options a field to enter Copyright information that will be added to any new file you create.
  3. @walt.farrell Thank you for the complete information. I'll take a look when I return to the computer.
  4. Hello! I need some clarification on that. What do you mean by "not positioned on whole pixels" and "alter these values slightly"? My file was created using pixels as units, so why when I export they have one pixel more? Some times, on a square image, Affinity adds one pixel to one side (like it is 128 x 128 and the exported PNG has 129 x 128). In fact, I exported a bunch of artboards in Export Persona. After that I exported again just one of those artboards eliminating one element that was in the center. Both PNG came from the same artboard, but one has the size I choosed (1440 x 1080) and the other has one pixel more (1441 x 1081). I think this is something that must be fixed. Thank you.
  5. Perfect Strandbummler! Problem solved for Affinity Designer and Photo. Thank you
  6. Same here. I don't remember to have this issue before 1.6. Some times the file content just disappear. In my case, the problem happens after I drag the file window to my second screen, maximize that screen and use the shortcut to zoom to the page. I have the same problem with Affiniy Photo. Vídeo:
  7. I just replace my MacBook for an Early 2015 and now Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer refuses to open. It shows the splash screen followed by a white box and nothing more. What's going on? I have the impression that I open both after install, change the language from "system" to english and close them. I didn't use them for a few days and now they are not working. ____ My System now: macOS Sierra 10.12.4 / MacBook Pro (Retina, 13" Early 2015) ______________________________________________ Forget about, the same happen to Preview.app... some problem with macOS Sierra probably... After a reboot everything looks fine.
  8. Well, you are right... it's sad that the "fit to screen" version looks better than the real thing in "1:1". Thank you, I'll take this in account next time.
  9. I bought "Affinity Photo" recently and I was playing with it and found this problem that is annoying. I really expect to receive, as my final image, exactly what I'm seeing on my screen while I'm editing, but this is not the case... how can I create something if when I flatten and export the result is totally different?
  10. I'm thinking about to buy CrazyTalk 3 2D animation software, but I found a problem. Affinity Designer doesn't export or save in SWF Flash, the only vector format accepted for CrazyTalk. It's very interesting that they offer a tutorial about how export assets from Serif DrawPlus... supposedly replaced by Affinity Designer. Any chance that you include support for SWF?
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