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  1. neelhtaky

    Updating Font Library - App Freezes

    I installed a second font via Skyfonts app, and this time Publisher had no issues updating the font library.
  2. I updated Mac font library to include a new font. Switching back to Publisher, the app had a popup messaging about "updating the font library". I was unable to click anywhere on the app, or cancel said update. It remained like this for several minutes before I forced quit the app. Sorry Id isn't take a screenshot. Didn't think of doing this until after I restarted the program.
  3. Agreed, but it helps for general public sharing online (think of the number of people who tend to share via Pinterest, etc). Any steps you can take to help people source the work can be advantageous.
  4. I second this request. It's an important feature to editing photos; simple steps to help ensure that someone doesn't steal your hard work is important, and shouldn't need a seperate (paid) program to do so.
  5. I'm having the same issue now - this post is the top one when searching on Google. I need to export each slice into a single PDF. Could someone please point to a tutorial that covers this?