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  1. My point is not really about some high tech top of the line stuff that requires weeks or months of development time. We need the rest of the basic tools. Updating the export preset should take about an hour, path simplification is a very well known algorithm and doesn't take research, only elbow grease. Creating a node between two nodes should be incredibly trivial given we can already click on any point to create a node. Turning the reset selection box to an actually useful transformation reset should be a bug fix and a small label change. If they focus on huge new features, they should come up with a business model. If they want to keep the revenue coming from new customers, they need to take care of the existing ones.
  2. I've been an Affinity Designer user for about two years now, and I've been mostly happy with it. However, during the time I've been using it, new features have been practically nonexistent. At the time, it was seen as (and was factually also approaching) a viable alternative to Adobe Illustrator, and the sentiment among users seemed to be that Illustrator was and had been dead in the water for years and it was time to get an alternative. However, Designer is now really in the same spot itself, which is really a shame. A perfect example of this is the iOS application icon export preset. The export tools were really nice and the preset was a cherry on top, you selected it, hit export and dragged the json file into Xcode and you saved yourself a whole lot of manual effort. However, the preset is stuck in iOS 9, released in 2015. Now, you can apply the preset to get started, but you have to do manual stuff to make everything work and if you need to start over for any reason (like updating layers), it's back to square one again. There are lots of other features that I understand not being there at launch. But this is now a popular package with lots of users. Why is there no simplify tool? Why can't I create new path points at the midpoint between two nodes? Why can't I scale individual nodes? Any user could probably add something pretty basic to the list. I know the team has probably been busy with the iPad version and all (and I got it myself as well, it's nice), but I can't help but think I'm going to have to find another tool soon again because this one's not heading anywhere. Please make me be wrong about this.
  3. I'm working on a tileset for a game. This whole feature is really good for what I'm doing, but reordering and grouping would REALLY help.
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