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  1. Ah, it's just this song that came out a couple of weeks ago, it's catchy, so I totally stole that naming
  2. I've been learning how to draw and besides drawing circles and lines, I was researching how to build environments. I couldn't think of anything better than drawing Fuji. Fuji(s), actually. This is my 4th attempt, using APhoto + Astropad Studio + iPPxPencil Loved to create stars via Noise filtered through Threshold, as well as blurring the fog. What do you think?
  3. (super)Quick intro: I've been using a.Photo and a.Designer for about 2 years and I'm in love with the apps. I am a web designer who can't draw a thing. I bought iPad Pro, Pencil, and (ordinary) paper, pencil and fine-liners (am I calling it right?) I've been fascinated by artists all around the world and I am diving into the process of learning and practicing my drawing skills. I call it.. (wait for it).. The Incredible Drawing Adventure Here's a quick video where I talk about software (with a timestamp for Affinity Photo), and yeah, if you feel like it — let's do it! https://youtu.be/h0kEFL5Ccps?t=1m20s
  4. You know, this rhetoric is a bit of a double edged sword. If we all stayed to the old workflows and habits, we would not have a conversation here — we would still use good old PhotoShop. I mean, it literally (still) is the industry standard with a lot of brushes and plugins, ye? But here we are :rolleyes:
  5. I like the glow. Yet, I feel like the 'locked' level numbers are a bit low on contrast with the plates they are on. Good job regardless!
  6. Uhm, not speaking about the size here, but about file handling and whatnot: iPad Pro with Pencil + Astropad Studio + Affinity Photo (designer) = magic I can literally sit on a couch across the room and still draw in Photo with pen pressure, tilt and other stuff with <20ms lag (can't see it with my eye). Moreso, I can open zBrush and sculpt with pressure and so on on my iPad. And when I am done, I close Astropad and continue to watch cat videos on youtube using my iPP. pricing for Cintiq Pro 13 vs iPP 13" + Pencil is virtually the same.
  7. That is correct. I was 'on the roll' with clients for web design, but constant 'lets play with the Fonts a bit, shall we' remarks were taking the toll, I felt I was becoming a zombie. So I went out, bought myself and iPad Pro + pencil and now I make terrible drawings. And I love it. PS - I also eagerly wait for a.Photo for iPad Pro now :wub:
  8. really like your concepts/poster-y designs UI work could use more polish
  9. Oh, okay, I get it. Thank you for clarifying this to me!
  10. Hello, fellow Affinity lovers! Recently I was working on a rather curious project. The main idea was to have an 'ordered disorder'. Everything, except for the first picture (had a photo to work with), was created from scratch. Nothing but Affinity Designer and Photo was used. — LINK TO THE BEHANCE PROJECT — Let me know what you think!
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