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  1. Jay D

    Affinity Photo Workbook

    Wow, ordered on the 10th and already has the book. I made my order on November 25th and nada.
  2. I wasn't using any desktop remote program but I did install a desktop extender program for my tablet. I closed the program and disabled it from running at startup but that didn't change the icons. After uninstalling the extender program the icons went back to normal.
  3. This just started today. All the disabled icons have a gray and white look now as you can see in the attachments. In the last attachment I have a new document and shape which enabled all the icons in the tool bar on the left and a few on the top. AD ver. AP ver.
  4. You can't use Boolean operations on layers. The best I can think of right now is to create a rectangle the same size of the pattern and subtract the oval from that and use the new shape as a mask on the pattern layer subtract.afdesign
  5. Great guide. Here is a tip for the Crescent tool when moving the orange nodes, if you hold Ctrl while moving the nodes it will move the other side's node symmetrically.
  6. Jay D

    FX Monkey - New project with AP resources

    I saw your free FAUX 77 pack for sale on gumroad for $9.99. Don't know if its someone reselling your work.
  7. I don't think you can drag and drop to create an asset
  8. Looks like you found a new bug. Before you export you can try Layers-> expand stroke. If not perfect and also adds extra points but not as bad as align inside/outside. Others have posted that expand stroke will be fixed soon.
  9. What steps did you take up to exporting? I used the twitter logo from Grade UI and export didn't add extra points. edit: ok now getting extra points when I increase the stroke width and set the stroke's align to inside or outside. It doesn't add extra points with center only on the other two options.