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  1. Cool...I had no idea those tutorials existed all in one place...life is good...many thanks, you made my day. Much appreciated!
  2. I own the program...unfortunately I have no idea how to use it to its full extent. This is very helpful...many thanks!
  3. Sorry, I have no idea what your reply means. What's a D...A...M? Photoshop elements allows users to manipulate any image (jpeg/PSD/Tiff etc) in the RAW editor...does Affinity have anything like that? I want an editor, not just a viewer. Thanks.
  4. Hey All: In Photoshop Elements, there is an option to open any image in Camera Raw...is there anything like that in Affinity? I like it because gives the user an ability to effectively modify clarity, whites, blacks, shadows, etc., all in one place. If not, is there something in Affinity that's better than 'Shadow/Highlights'? Thanks all!
  5. I see...very good to know! Filter Forge is a terrific plug-in and absolutely deserves up-to-date support in Affinity. Unless told otherwise, I'll assume there's nothing I can do to help motivate Serif to fix that functionality. Thanks for your help, very much appreciated!
  6. Hi All: According to Filter Forge, only Affinity 1.5 supports Filter Forge 8 (it's newest iteration). Assuming this is true, is there any way to keep two different Affinity's on my computer: Affinity 1.5, and the most up-to-date version? If that's not possible, are there any other work-arounds for Filter Forge 8 and the most up-to-date Affinity? Many thanks!
  7. Thanks...I really don't want to mess with 'Admin Privileges' for a simple thing like a default save location. Definitely not a problem...I just figured there was a preference setting in Affinity that I couldn't find. Mark this as a lesson learned and perhaps a future feature request. For the moment I'll just navigate to the preferred folder. Again, not a big deal. Thanks for your help, it is very much appreciated!
  8. I have no idea why (obviously), but upon restart, 'export' location always defaults as follows C:\Windows\System32 I'd like to change that if possible...not a big deal, just thought I'd give it a try. Thanks all!
  9. Ok...when I restart my computer, 'export' location defaults to a strange location on my C drive (rather than my preferred folder where everything is normally saved). Is there any way to change the save folder Affinity defaults to on a re-start? Many thanks!
  10. You know...that's a good question. Right now I'm not sure what's happening...sometimes it defaults to the 'proper' location, and sometimes it defaults to a strange place. I'll need to pay more attention to the behavior and get back to you (and the forum). Thanks until then!
  11. That would be nice...unfortunately, no, it keeps defaulting to some dark alleyway on my computer...
  12. I don't like my export default location...is there any way to change the default? Thanks!
  13. Wow, that's what I call an explanation! Thanks so much, very useful info. Much appreciated...thanks again!
  14. That's it! For some reason, the most recent update ( has the 'tonal' option hidden all the way to the right with an arrow...or perhaps that's just a function of my small screen. In any case, I've got it. Many thanks, much appreciated!
  15. In Photoshop, there's an option to dodge/burn shadows/mid/highlights only...for some reason, I can't find that in Affinity. I've searched the forums/Google, and all I see is all sorts of stuff about 'masks'. I looked under 'More', but that option seems to be missing. Is there a specific 'dodge/burn' shadow/mid/highlights in Affinity? If not, is there a work-around? Thanks all!