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  1. This seems to be an ongoing problem. Both the beta 404's for publisher and designer do it -- Install fails and requires a windows re-boot to install. Stating "this is a windows problem" when no other software on my systems has this problem is suspect. For new users, this could be troubling . Maybe adding a note in the download area would save a lot of support questions?
  2. This has been a problem for some with all the betas so far. As Patrick said, restart Windows and it should complete the installation.
  3. I get the same error. Restart Windows and try again -- it works for me.
  4. Each time I install a new update (latest to the beta, it fails (win10 Pro.) I have to reboot my system and then it will install. Is there something that can be done to fix this?
  5. jaftwo

    Introduce Yourself

    Jerry here. I'm retired now and on a fixed income. I was pleased to drop finally Adobe and their subscription plan (I "bit the bullet" and paid the bailout fee to quit early and went to Designer and Photo (and will purchase Publisher when available.)
  6. jaftwo

    Affinity Photo Workbook

    Now have both workbooks and look forward to the Publisher Workbook in the future when it's available. Excellent references!