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  1. Still fails -- Booted computer to windows -- signed on to Internet -- read the new beta version email -- went to the beta site and downloaded Publisher -- ran as Administrator and it failed. Rebooted and ran again and it worked. It's like the first try does something to enable the second. [edit] Should have added, after it failed and before I rebooted, I tried to install again, but it failed immediately.
  2. One thing that might help, I ran Publisher first to check the version, then exited. Maybe the failure wouldn't occur if I hadn't run Publisher at all since a reboot -- something left over after running and exiting?
  3. Yes, to C:\Program Files\Affinity\Publisher Customer Beta
  4. Still comes up with "setup failed", even when "Run as administrator". Have to reboot and try again to get a successful install. And no, it's not win10 since all my other software does not have this problem (including Photo and Designer.) Is this ever getting fixed?
  5. The email links I just received for the 414 designer beta is wrong -- it takes me to the photo 414 release.
  6. So I can start a new document in Publisher and then activate the Photo Persona, undock it's windows or panels and move them to the second monitor, and use it (Photo). It works fine. I still don't understand why it's so hard for it to use the configuration that Photo stores when I use it standalone, but will stop asking.
  7. Not sure I understand why there's no way to do it. It's using the same photo/designer app (exe) and I can manually undock the windows or panels and place them to the second monitor. Photo/Designer has a way of remembering the configuration, so it would seem that configuration could be accessed?
  8. I keep my Photo and Designer undocked windows on my second monitor. When I'm in Publisher and select say, the Photo persona, Photo opens with what looks like the default view (Studio panels or windows) docked to the main monitor on the right side of the app. Is there a way to have the Photo/Designer view come up like they are running them separately?
  9. Reboot first always works for me. Run as Administrator doesn't seem to matter. It happens with Photo, Designer, and Publisher.
  10. Thanks, I was beginning to think it was something wrong with my system. I didn't notice the problem before the beta and during the beta didn't use both monitors since the beta didn't seem to save my screen setting. It acts like the borders want to snap or stick to other windows (or merge with other windows.)
  11. No one else has seen this?
  12. Also, with many (maybe all) of the undocked windows such as "History", if I left click and hold a border to resize, it will start to move but "drops" off the mouse cursor. When I release the mouse button, the border pops to the spot I released the button, so it (app) knows where I tried to position the border. Does a similar thing when I click and drag in the blank area of the title bar to re-position a window.
  13. Just a guess... if you're using Windows, you may have to re-start (Windows) and try the install again.
  14. Have you downloaded and installed the latest version of Photo? I had the same problem but was using the latest Photo beta. Installed the latest non-beta release and it worked fine.
  15. I've noticed on v1.7.1.404 (may have happened on previous beta versions, but haven't checked) that when I try to move un-docked panels (views) to my second monitor, they want to "stick" to the left side of the main window (second monitor is to the left) and I have to release the left mouse button and grab the panel again to continue to move it left. When it's in the second monitor, it stutters a lot and is difficult to place. It didn't do the before the beta. I tried Allegorithmic Substance Designer (now Adobe) and it works fine, so I'm not suspecting (yet) Win 10 or Nvidia drivers (all up-to-date.) Affinity Photo beta has the same problem.