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  1. When you start the application, you get a window telling you about the update.
  2. The attached afphoto file has an example of this error. On-screen, it looks fine (initially). But if you export to Png or Jpg (and possibly other formats), you get the error shown in the second attachment. As you can see, the right hand side is corrupted. I have attached with a common font so you can load and test. While doing this, I found that simpler fonts did not have the same issue. The problems can also be seen on screen if you resize or drag the text around. Different errors occur as you resize and move it. I also get a number of errors if I copy this text to another document. The combination of layer effects seem to be incompatible with one another. words test.afphoto
  3. batvink

    Wave Filter

    Late to the party but this is achievable. Add a displacement filter. For the displacement image, use a greyscale ruffled cloth, blur it to get a soft effect Add the distortion, just a little goes a long way Load the same displacement image above the flag. Set the blend to hard light and reduce the opacity.
  4. Thanks for the update I'm using the workaround which is easy to implement.
  5. Hi, when moving a layer with a live displacement map, the displacement pixels are left behind. See the attached image as an example, you can see the "ghost" of the displacement map. This is constructed using the tutorial here, look at around 5m40s where the layer is moved and seems to work ok on a Mac.
  6. Thanks for the quick reply. I don't have Designer, but I will find a workaround I'm sure. Regards, Steve
  7. It may not suit your requirement, but you can set Rotation Jitter to "Direction" and 100%. This will follow the direction of your stroke. That is, if you draw a circle, it will rotate 360 degrees as you draw the circle.
  8. Hi, I want to use an artistic Brush to outline my text. Lines work Dashed lines work The next option - "Texture" - doesn't do anything. If I click on "Properties", it opens up the Brush editing panel, but with no brush shown. If I select a Brush then open the panel, still nothing. What am I doing wrong? Regards, Steve