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  1. Thank you for that short to point reply
  2. When working in the above is there a way to lock individual nodes without adding a node either side to lock it. Best Regards George
  3. gcshep


    Thank you to all for the input will give it a try.
  4. Symmetry I find it hard that this program which is now up there with the high-end programs is lacking a symmetry drawing capability are there any plans afoot to introduce it in to the this great program. Best Regards George
  5. Hi I have set up my document with my dimensions etc. but would now like to save this document for further use are you able to do this if so how. Best Regards George
  6. Excellent I wish had seen this before I had done my spreadsheet .
  7. Hi to one and all. I have put together a very rudimentary video menu for both Designer and Photo on a spreadsheet via hyperlinks I have done this because of my old brain cells are not as sharp as they used to be and I was finding hard to remember where I had left off viewing. So therefore I hope this will be of some use to members. Best regards George Affinity Video Menu.xlsx
  8. Thank you for the input not quite what I am looking for
  9. Thank you Callum for the prompt reply that has saved me alot of searching. Best Regards Georger
  10. Hi when using a either vector or pixel brush is there away of changing the angle of the brush whilst painting say from angle 45% to any angle I require with the pen without stopping to change the settings. Best Regards George
  11. Alfred which part of the video are you saying has a disturbing wobble because I have viewed it several times now and cannot see were the only part that has a type of wobble is the wasp in animation.
  12. After members kindly pointing me in the right direction I thought I would do a Tutorial. I have done a tutorial for those people who might have had a version of Drawplus and have now upgraded to Affinity Designer this shows how to export your clipart with all the layers in to AD with all the same layers and then taken into CTA3 and did a short animation with it. I think you will agree the amount of vector clipart in DrawPlus should keep you supplied for some time to come and the biggest plus it’s FREE. Best Regards George http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dR7LccVyLJg
  13. Thank you for your help also the quick response. Best Regards George
  14. Hi I have quite a lot of layers which I have numbered and would like to set them in numerical order but alas I cannot find a way to do this, 1. Is this possible 2. If so how is it done I have attached a screenshot Best Regards George