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  1. Does anyone have any ideas for doing this? Hiro2001
  2. Sorry guys I didn't think. I'm using iMac Mojave 10.14.6 Thanks Hiro2001
  3. All I want to add a paper to the soft proofing options. How do I do it. Hiro2001
  4. Hello I've watched numerous videos on how to install Nik Collection into Affinity Photo (on and iMac). I can add the collection into the 'Plugin Search Folders' area but when I do the 'Restart' I don't get plugin in the 'Detected Plugins' box. Any ideas? Hiro
  5. Walt I thought that's what I'd done. Thanks Hiro2001
  6. The way I like to sharpen is to convert the format to LAB16. Create an Unsharp mask, do the sharpening and then revert back to RGB format. I have done the same task in AP v1.6.7 and Beta using the same file. I don't get the same results in Beta as v1.6.7 and much prefer the results from v1.6.7. Also, I prefer the full text menu on v1.6.7 for Live Filters and Adjustments when selecting them in the Layers menu, rather than the High Pass... text seen in Beta. Hiro2001
  7. Dear Affinity I have quickly scanned the latest Beta version of Affinity Photo (which I'm downloading) and I'm disappointed at not seeing any reference to support for the X-Rite Colour Checker. I have seen, for some years now requests to have this implemented and I would also like to see it added. Hiro2001
  8. I have soft proofed a B&W photo recently and found that when I did this the image went from a nice B&W photo to a tinted photo. I don't know why and don't know what to adjust to make it more B&W. Any ideas?
  9. I have been trying to make Selection on one photo to copy into another. However, my efforts have been frustrated by the Selection shooting off in all directions and not trying to stay on the main colour of the subject I'm trying to select. I have Added and Subtracted to the selection but it won't do what I want. It certainly isn't doing it as easy as in the tutorials. I have given up for now. Is there a pen tool (Photoshop)?

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